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30% off DIY Sheer Curtains & 25% off Roller Blinds & Venetians @ Blinds City


Hello Ozbargain Community,

Given difficult times we are all going through we would like to try extend some sales/ discounts to the community that are still needing window furnishings.

We are offering 30% off DIY Sheer curtains Only 30curtain

25% off Roller blinds and Venetians - Use code 25blinds

Will start today and end on 1st April 2020 for only Ozbargain Community only

This deal is on DIY ONLY

If you have new home with house plans we can quote you a deal and if you have other quotes please email us and we can quote you our best deal.

Kind Regards
Blinds City Team

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    An average up-vote of 2.167 from 54 previous posts. It looks like Ozbargainers aren't very interested in curtains and blinds. Yes, I'm bored.

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      People are getting sick of seeing the same stores offering the same shit month in month out

      Again, here's another store who offers the same discounts every month, masquerading as a 'deal'.

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