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Bonds - 20% Cashback (Cap $15) @ ShopBack via Web Extension (Stack with 40% off Sitewide @ Bonds)


I think this works out to be 50.8% off (someone please correct me as I failed maths).

20% Cashback (Cap $15) @ ShopBack via Web Extension

Terms and Conditions
20% cashback offer at Bonds is valid on 25th March from 12pm to 10pm AEDT, for purchases made only via the ShopBack extension.
20% cashback offer is capped at $15 in one transaction. Max one transaction per customer at the 20% rate. Subsequent purchases through the ShopBack extension will only qualify for 8% cashback.
Purchases made through the ShopBack desktop site, mobile site or app will qualify you for 8% cashback.
Any fradulent activity will result in your cashback being forfeited and your account may be terminated as a result.

I also noticed that Thr1ve are now on Shopback. Healthy meals delivered which is perfect given the current situations many people are in with self-isolation.

$35 off the first order ($100 min spend) with 7% cashback (was 3.5%). Promo code - SHOPBACKNEW.

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    52% off.

    Lets say you buy something for $100 at bonds, after 40% discount its $60. Cashback 20% on $60 is $12. Therefore, total cost to you will be $48, ie: 52% discount.

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    I got 50.90909% :)

    (0.6/1.1 × 0.2) - 0.6 + 1


    that only works for a purchase upto $125, any more and your overall percentage discount will decrease


    Thanks OP, the deal is good but we don't have a computer at home these days so quite frustrating that it's not via app or phone browser.


    Any recommendations for their socks? Sports, no show? Good quality? I see so many cheap deals these days between ASOS etc

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      I've been wearign the X-Temp ones lately. I like socks a bit thicker and they seem to fit the bill for me.
      Quality seems fine, but I have only had them a few months so will see how it goes longer term.


      Bonds is terrible quality from my experience these days, which is a shame as i used to Love the Bonds brand back in the day.


    Can i use bonds gift card?


    I just bought $54 worth of undies. Yikes. I missed out on the 20% but went for 8%. But since both SB and CR are at 8%, I decided to go with CR because SB has been incredibly unreliable with tracking for me lately.


    Made the purchase and ensured that the sale was tracked, but I haven't received any notification from SB yet. The non browser extension purchases all tracked within a few hours. Not a good show SB!

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