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[Windows 10] PDF Office (Editor, Reader, Merger) $0 (Was $599.95) @ Media Apps Dev‬, Microsoft Store


PDF Editor - Sign PDF, Create PDF & Edit PDF

Sign, edit, read, create, draw, protect and modify any PDF file

PDF Editor - Sign PDF, Create PDF & Edit PDF is a document editor that allows you to edit PDF. It is also a PDF Reader to read PDF. Choose the PDF to edit and modify your PDF in a thousand ways: draw, write on PDF, paint, password, PDF reader, bookmarks, notes, signatures and much more thanks to the best free PDF editor for Devices.

PDF Editor - Sign PDF, Create PDF and Edit PDF has the following characteristics:

  • Sign PDF:
    You can add and save your signature to edit and sign your PDF. Leave your signature in your PDF writer. Write your signature and save it to be able to sign future PDFs with a single click.

  • Notes:
    Add notes to your PDF files, PDF Editor has a document and note editor to annotate the most important parts of your edited PDF file.

  • Paint and draw lines and shapes:
    Use the pencil to draw lines in the PDF, select the color and edit the PDF drawing lines and shapes. Point out annotations, draw arrows, make squares, write on PDF as if it were a word file or an image.

  • Text editor:
    Built-in text editor to underline or cross out the text of your PDF. Edit PDF by writing text and then you can highlight, underline or cross out the words you want.

  • Stamps:
    Post stamps with the most important messages. Draft stamp, confidential stamp, personal stamp … Add stamp with the date and time. Perfect to review PDF.

  • Bookmark:
    You can put bookmark in your PDF documents to mark where you were reading your PDF or editing your PDF. Very useful to read PDF books. Easy and simple PDF reader.

  • Photos and images:
    Add photos and images to your PDF, you can choose the photo from the gallery or take pictures with the camera to add the image to the PDF with the size and shape you want.

  • Create PDF:
    Create your PDF document, choose paper size, folio color and if you have guide lines, you can generate PDF and edit PDF documents to your liking thanks to the powerful pdf writer.

  • Password: Protect PDF documents is easy and fast with this application because you can put a password to the documents to block PDF and that can only be unlocked with the password that you put.

  • Share your files with other tools and applications:
    Share the documents you have converted with any other messaging application, mail or social network. Complete your work with PDF Manager or PDF Converter and finish completing the application with the best tools.

The best free PDF office tool to create PDF, edit PDF and modify PDF. endless editing possibilities. Edit PDF in many ways: use the pen to draw lines in the PDF, add text to the PDF, sign the PDF, underline text in PDF and more PDF editing options. Do you want to protect a PDF with a password? Add your signature to the PDF? Everything is possible with this free PDF Creator & Editor. Fill PDF forms without using a PC, a PDF reader with bookmarks to read books on your device.

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  • +5

    Honestly, who pays for this.. theres online apps for free

    • +5

      Yeah this was never $600…

      And that description is horrible! Trying to get an increase on search ranking lol

      Microsoft AU Link

      Developed by
      Media Apps Dev

      This is no different to other offerings, and the discount is misrepresented

    • -7

      They claimed it "The best free PDF office tool", so maybe worth a try.

      • +3

        Do you like pop-ups, ads and watermarks? Then sure, give it a try.

      • They can claim anything they like. Doesn't mean it's true. Microsoft doesn't care. The joke of the supposed original price is an indicator of how dodgy the vendor is.

  • +6

    Really poor reviews, doubtful it was ever $399 and seems it's full of ads that you have to pay $5/month to get rid off as well as watermarking.

    • +8

      Lol -39 score @ SlickDeals

      Crippled version. Contains ADS. Must pay to get watermark-free version. NOT worth $400.

    • And surprise, still free!

  • -1

    This is kidding ! No one will pay $399 for this, so many free apps.

    • What is the best free app?

      • +1

        Try "PDFelement Pro"

        • That's not free

          • +1

            @Poizon: try a recent copy of MS Word - it will open many PDFs and let you fully edit them (assuming a) no security and b) its actually more than just a bunch of PNGs)

      • PDF Xchange Editor is very nice.

        I used the free version for over 10 years. You can view, edit, see document structure, etc. The pro features are for very business focussed cases like Signatures, forms and custom stamps.

      • PDFSam Basic has served me well for this kind of work

  • +1

    Wow, no version for Macs, but there is for Xbox One !?

  • +1

    So on top of $599 price tag (ATM 100% discount), you need to pay an extra $7.45 (in app purchase) for Ads Free Premium PDF LifeTime Subscription??

  • +2

    The best free PDF office tool to create PDF, edit PDF and modify PDF. endless editing possibilities. Edit PDF in many ways: use the pen to draw lines in the PDF, add text to the PDF, sign the PDF, underline text in PDF and more PDF editing options.

    Yeah but can it PDF your PDF's while you're PDF'ing a PDF into a PDF and down a PDF? Did I mention PDF??

    P.S PDF

  • +2

    I tried to install. I would say this is a FREE app, with Ads… you will have to pay to remove ads…

    "Ads Free Premium PDF LifeTime Subscription
    $7.45 including tax"

    So basically, it's not a deall $399 or A$599 -> FREE, but it's a Free App with Ads. :) And so many ads :) Your first screen will be an ads :) the main screen comes with the banner ads, and while using, you will have pop up ads.

    • +1

      Update: and when closing the app, it open an game ads in the browser automatically. Uninstalling now.

  • I'm really surprised Microsoft lets this garbage on to their store in the first place…

    • +2

      Microsoft is desperately trying to grow it's app store, and I think the relaxation of moderation / app review policies make it easier for bad apps to make it's way onto the store. It's like the quantity of apps matter more than it's quality.

      Their app store needs moderation, probably not easy though as you'll need a (paid) human to manually review each app and that can be a time consuming process.

  • +2

    Guys, want a better PDF Reader, just go for Xodo Reader, free with no ads and no subscription crap.

  • +2

    Microsoft should pull stuff like this from their store or raise their standards for products being listed.

  • you need to pay AU$7.45 for turn off ad.

  • +1

    OMG… the amount of ads…
    so sick of it. I delete the app immediately.

  • +1

    Too funny.

    This April fools joke came too early.

  • Commenting to give it a down vote after reading other comments 😁

  • Dont install it, it looks crap. I tried it out but the Ads thing is stupid

  • LameAF.

  • Just got the latest email for this app…
    "[Windows 10] PDF Editor - Free+ 100% off (Was AU$599.95) @ Microsoft Store"

    That's super awesome. It's free AND 100% off LOL!

    Where do I sign?

  • This kind of post should be banned. It isn't free loads of ads

  • very doggy app

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