Anyway to Expedite Centrelink Application Processing?

I've applied for a Centrelink payment due to significant cut in hours at work, and the estimated completion date for my claim is 28 April 2020. I submitted the claim on 17 March meaning this is almost a month and a half. The Centrelink website states the maximum waiting time is 21 days so this is quite extreme, and my hours have been cut by over 60% so this payment would be extremely helpful at the moment. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated, thanks all

Edit: Is it possible to apply for both Youth Allowance for job seekers and students? As I meet the eligibility for both. This claim was for students


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    Have you seen the queues of people outside Centrelink on the news? I think you have no choice and just need to be patient.

    • Is Centrelink still open/tomorrow?

      How's the lines nowadays, haven't been in ages (VIC)

      • I wouldn't have a clue… I haven't been anywhere near a Centrelink office recently.

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          ok I just drove by and popped my head in.
          The most quietest I've seen it been!
          1 person in the waiting area only

          I suppose it'll be similar tomorrow+

  • If you call and ask theyll process your application over the phone

    • If you can get through.

    • Thanks I wasn't aware of this, is someone able to confirm?

      • Call their priority assistance line.

        • I can't find this in the Centrelink phone us page, could you help me out

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    If you are under extreme hardship, you can be prioritised. I don’t want to minimise your situation, but as you still have hours and many other have none, I do not believe you would fall into that category.

  • When you ask about applying for both types of youth allowance, why are you asking? If you think you could get two payments, you cannot.

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      Okay, didn't think so thanks for confirming

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        What happened to all youre share trading money?

        • Yep luckily I have savings I can use during this time but having outgoings more than income can't last forever

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        Sorry mate, upon reconsideration, I am not certain about that.

      • Better off getting the job seeker one for the next six months if you can. You can't get both, but jobseeker you get the extra $550/fn starting in a month.

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    I haven’t heard a way to speed up Centrelink but I’d suggest contacting your utility providers to see if they can help with payment plans etc . Tell them your story. I’m sure they will help if they can. You mentioned a student claim. Try student services at your institution. If you are member of a union where you work try contacting them for advice. (Student Union perhaps? ). otherwise try vinnies the salvos or other community organisations. They would all be overwhelmed I assume but Good luck.

  • You also have access to $10k of your super.

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