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LEGO 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy $129 (Was $160) | 10265 Ford Mustang $149 (Was $200) @ Myer


Was looking for stuff to use up remaining Myer's gift cards. Part of Myer's Toy Sale starting on Friday.

From the catalogue

Sale ends 26/4/2020, if stocks and/or stores last that long.



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    Any other smaller set LEGO deals in the catalogue? Can’t seem to find it online yet :/

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    Mustang was a great build. heck any of the creator expert cars are. I have them all. Mustang or f40 prob my faves

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      How crazy is the price of the F40 nowadays!

      • It’s nuts. I’ve done a ton of builds and the F40 was probably my favorite.

      • I can’t see the f40 on the catalogue?

        • It is officially retired.

          If you did not buy one 4 years ago the market price is like 3 to 4 times the original RRP.

  • The mustang is a good set! Only creator one I've got, might pick up the harley though, been waiting for a sale.

    Currently doing the Land Rover, it's a mission

  • Nice! It was tempting full price…

  • Sweet, something to pass the time during unemployment.

  • What does everyone do with their creator experts after they are set up? Do you put them on display? If so, can I see some ideas on your setup please?

    • Have a look at the glass cabinets from fantastic furniture, thats how i display mine

    • YouTube Jangbricks

    • I use an Ikea Billy with the glass door and shelves. Perfect size for the cars (though they can't get any bigger than the mustang!)

  • Anyone having issues? I'm logged into Shopback and try to buy the Mustang, enter all my details with my Myer account, then I get a 'Contact System Administrator message'. I don't see it under orders but there are pending charges on my card. I've done it 3 times and every time, no order number and a pending charge. I also didn't get any email.

    I also tried calling Myer support and I get a message where "There is congestion to the network". But now I got through and am going through the menus.

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