Pet Turf in Backyard - Alternatives to Real Grass

Hi fellow COVID-19 survivors

I have a small dog at home who is trained to do his business in the backyard. Unfortunately, we don't get enough sun on the small strip of grass we do have (approx 1.5 x 9 metres) - so the grass has died over time.

Has anyone tried Pet Turf for their dogs? What have your experiences been? If not Pet Turf - any other alternative?

Thanks for your help in advance



    Is pet turf a tradmark for a specific product or just a generic term for artificial grass?


    I have artificial grass with 2 dogs. Hose it off every week (a half vinegar/water solution works well if there is a smell). Pick up poops daily.


      Oh great - did you install yourself?

      Also - does it work well with the dogs - any big downsides compared to real grass I should know about?


        yup, installed it myself. only downside is that it gets SUUUUUPER hot on 35+degree days, and is almost unusable without a picnic rug down. Worth it, however, for looking at neat turf from inside all year round.

        Dogs love playing on it, and have no issue spending most of day out on it voluntarily.

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