[VIC] Pause Myki Pass Membership

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This is not Deal! but a notification to all that MyKi now allows you to pause the Myki Pass membership.

If any of you are in Myki Pass (Monthly/Yearly), PTV allows to pause the membership. Your Myki card will be blocked and a replacement would be sent to your address in 10 business days. And the Myki Pass will be again active from the point you touch on again. This mainly a benefit for yearly pass holders like me ;)

In order to pause a myki Pass, PTV will need to block the participant’s existing card and send a new one which will be activated the next time it is touched on.

Participants must call PTV on 1800 800 007 so this pause can be arranged.

Please note that any replacement card will be sent to the address on the participant’s account – in many cases, this may be a business address.

The PTV call centre team can assist with updating these address details to suit each participant’s requirements.

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