Cadbury Dairy Milk Hedgehog 170g $0.99 @ Woolworths (In Selected Stores)


Could be an error due to the system while stocks last at selected WWS.

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    Instore or online ?

    Has anyone tried in store

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      Currently there is no C&C, nor delivery.

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        We just got a delivery today, ordered a few days ago.

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          Why would someone neg the truth? Don't believe me or jealousy?

          Well here's evidence to prove it…and we also got TP and soap…woohoo! Suck on that! 😏

          Neg away!

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            @John Kimble: "Customer selected unwell or in self-isolation."

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              @julesa: It's mandatory at the moment (according to my wife who placed the order).

              We are fine (no symptoms, haven't been overseas in years 😢).

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                @John Kimble: So you lied to take advantage of the services offered to vulnerable customers? Well done you.

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                  @JerryB: 😂 Incorrect. We are in self isolation to avoid others, that's best practice/the government advice. If you're not doing the same, you are exposing yourself and the people you live with to unnecessary risk.

                  It's also to protect the Woolies staff? We've not falsely applied for "priority assistance".

                  Woolies must be getting their delivery back up and running in our area after the hoarding (profanity) have run out of space.


                  Current changes to our online service
                  Priority Assistance deliveries to our most vulnerable customers
                  We are making available and prioritising delivery windows to our most vulnerable customers, including seniors, people with a disability and those in mandatory isolation. You can apply to receive Priority Assistance by completing the form here.

                  Delivery suspended in selected locations
                  We have temporarily suspended our usual delivery operations out of selected Australian supermarkets until further notice. We’re ramping up delivery capacity out of our dedicated online customer fulfilment centres in order to service as many vulnerable customers as possible. We’ll look to resume our usual delivery operations out of our supermarkets as soon as possible.

                  Pick up orders temporarily unavailable
                  Pick up service from our stores is not available until further notice due to significant item shortages in our stores. It is a difficult but necessary decision that will allow our store team members to prioritise the restocking of our shelves in the face of unprecedented demand.

                  All Deliveries will be Contactless
                  We have moved to a contactless delivery service with all orders delivered to your front door. Our drivers will do their best to assist senior or disabled customers. For proof of delivery, we will be taking a photo of the groceries at your door, instead of obtaining a signature. We have made this decision in the best interest of both your and our drivers health.


    With the demise of weekly specials, now all Chocolate is full price in Woolworths (I'm assuming the same in coles).

    No more 99 cent chocolate bars at the checkout.


    limit of 2 qty ?


    I would think this is the price at all stores that have any of this left in stock.


    Link shows $5 for me.


    I saw this on clearance at my local but preferred to keep the $1. I assume it's pretty awful!

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    $0.99 in SA and local says stock


    Well head in there first thing tomorrow and check if they have any at my local.


    Says unavailable in the stores in my area, but I'll be checking in person tomorrow as I was going to go grocery shop anyway


    Been this price for quite sometime, I recall buying a stack of these September last year along with the Popcorn flavoured ones for $0.99

    Surprised there is still stock available

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