Cheapest and/or best way to play Half-Life:alyx

The game looks awesome. What is the cheapest, best value or out -right best way to play this game (PC Build and VR Headset)?


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    The Windows Mixed Reality headsets are the cheapest ones still around.
    Quite a few on gumtree still for $300-250

    Gaming PC needs at least GTX 1060, I have that card and it runs quite well.
    Something like this would be good value and guaranteed to run:

    I also have mine running on my Oculus Quest via Virtual Desktop, the wireless setup works well but the resolution isn't fantastic.

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    As far as headsets, Windows Mixed Reality are pretty bad. Bad to the point of not worth getting. I've only owned the Samsung and it's uncomfortable and has terrible lenses making the screen choice questionable.

    So if you don't get that then presumably Quest or CV1 is the cheapest.

    The Rift S is probably the best value. You get way more resolution (although you do worryingly step down to 80Hz) so that the screen door effect is mostly gone.

    The best is Valve Index. It's triple the price of the Rift S and not sold in AU yet. The specs absolutely mash the competition though.

    And there's also the HTC Vive Pro whch is probably the poorest value.

    As far as PC you need all the power you can get if you want to play high end VR. Ideally you want an i9-9900 with a 2080 Ti and very fast RAM makes a large difference. But you can play on much lower specs with lower graphic settings.

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      Can confirm Windows Mixed Reality are bad. Don't even bother.

      Minimum I'd be buying is a Rift S or just wait for new cheaper tech in 2021.


      Sorry, are you referring to the Samsung Odyssey Plus? I'm looking to get into VR and have heard that's a good starter headset over other WMR's.


        The samsung odyssey plus screen is great but the controller tracking is pretty bad. I went pack to my OG HTC Vive because good tracking is more important than the screen.

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    I'm running Alyx on a 4-5 year-old MSI GT72 2PC laptop. It has got the following specs (way below min specs.):

    i7 4th gen
    12GB DDR3 RAM
    Nvidia GTX 870M 6GB VRAM
    Acer WMR AH101 Headset

    In spite of the above specs, I am able to run Alyx on medium setting. Yes, it's not ideal but it runs without any video or audio lagging/stuttering. I experience FPS drops when I turn left/right but I can't complain since I am completely new to VR and an amateur.

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    Get an Oculus Quest for the headset, you won't be disappointed then. Sure, it's slightly lower refresh rate than the Rift S but that portability is killer - plus it uses OLED panels for deeper colours. And you can do wireless VR using Virtual Desktop as already suggested.

    I have a mate who also has a Russian Steam account so that he can buy games using Rubles instead of AUD. He said that the conversion for Alyx is about $22AUD.

    Apparently the way you make it work is you set up a Russian account (requires a real Russian address, but nothing else - no VPN or anything), buy a Steam gift card in ANY currency, load that to your Russian account and it gets converted into Rubles. After that, you just buy from the Russian account, and do library sharing with your main Steam account. 100% localised access to all your cheap games then!