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    Racer ? probably travel 1m per min :)

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      I have this one. It's using the old Lego Power Functions motors (unlike the newer Control+ motors on the 4x4 X-Treme Off-Roader and Liebherr R9800; which are moderate improvements), so yeah, it's not that impressive but that being said, compared to virtually everything else that used the PF motors, this probably one of the fastest, if not, the fastest sets utilizing the PF motors.

      If I had to guesstimate, it's more like 1m every 4 seconds.

      The more disappointing issue is that these plastic caterpillar treads have virtually no grip, so they can't get over the slightest of inclines or any fabrics/materials that are too loose.


        I've got one in a box to give to my 2.5 yr old (basically me with him watching).

        I'm thinking of modifying it with a few of this set to make something big.

        Will it handle extra weight? Sounds like it might be good for traction.

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          Having been down that path myself many times (trying to improve upon original Lego designs either with more motors or better power delivery/gearing/transmission), I would say don't bother. You really want some rubber Technic treads for traction, which are pretty hard to find these days as Technic sets haven't used them in a long time. You'd have to look for some on BrickLink.

          If you want to make an exciting RC Lego vehicle, you should look into one of the two aftermarket Lego motors: SBrick or BuWizz. With those you don't have to worry about excess weight slowing you down and they can compensate for most inherent design flaws with pure brute-force torque and speed; there's plenty of videos on YouTube featuring RC Lego vehicles using SBrick and BuWizz motors that can achieve 40km/h or even faster.