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[PC] Epic - Free - Paladins DLC Bundle (4 Champions + 4 Skins +1 Diamond Chest) - Epic Store


A free DLC bundle for a free to play game from Epic.

From the website:

Claim this free Paladins bundle to receive free Champions, skins, and a chest roll. Includes: Androxus and the Huntsman Androxus Skin Strix and the Phoenix Strix Skin Khan and the Royal Guard Khan Skin Furia and the Aurora Furia Skin One Diamond Chest roll.


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    So Epic cancelled production of Paragon and UT4 and are sticking these other F2P games on its store instead. Whilst it's a smarter business model, I do wish their own games were still a priority.


    Love the direction they're taking the game, so much better than 2 years ago


      The last time I played Paladins it was super buggy. Have they polished the game since and how's the player base at the moment?

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        Queues are under 3 minutes everytime more towards 1 minute normally, unsure about ranked there is a new team taking over the game so it's going in great direction, most of the bugs have been ironed out the occasional one is here and there but that's to be expected


    Question, if I haven't installed the base game yet and claimed the bundle, will it appear after I download the game and when I start playing or does it not work like that/is there a time limit?

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      I think as long as you claim it now it will be there once you download and install the base game. I had no issue claiming it in the browser and it showed up in Transactions just fine.


    any way to claim this to a steam account?


      No, as it on Epic.
      You can add any game to Steam to be launched from there I believe but it still uses the other launcher.


      Yes, link your Epic account to your Hi-Rez account, then download Paladins on Epic, login, claim the bundle. Should be claimed to the Hi-rez account and you can login to steam no worries


    how do I claim this? no idea what the game is but I am an Ozbargainer and dont want to miss out :)


      Log into your Epic account.
      Then go to the link.
      Click get it.
      Place order

      That should be it.

      Check if it has been done by going to your transactions. It should be visible as an order there.

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