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[PC] 6 Free Games - Acceleration of SUGURI 2 | 100% Orange Juice | 200% Mixed Juice | The Deed | UNI | Barro @ Steam


A few more free games from Steam. All with good ratings.

Take on all the characters of the SUGURI universe in this lightning-paced duel-style shoot'em'up. Continue the story of the characters you've come to know and love, and meet a new mastermind causing havoc on Earth. Play against the AI in Story Mode, or friends and foes online or locally in Multiplayer.

200% Mixed Juice

200% Mixed Juice! is the 10th Anniversary game of OrangeJuice, an old school RPG featuring a 200% mix of OrangeJuice characters.

100% Orange Juice

100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplayer board game populated by developer Orange Juice's all-star cast. Characters from Flying Red Barrel, QP Shooting, Suguri and Sora come together with all-new characters to duke it out… with dice.

The Deed

Free from 4am 28/3 to 4am 1/4

A keenly dark twist on the traditional murder mystery setting, The Deed is an Adventure/RPG game about getting away with murder. Arran Bruce, the rightful heir to Dunshiel House, returns home to settle a score with his estranged family.


Free from 3am 28/3 to 3am 1/4

This consists of 40 mini-games that you can enjoy together. You can have a happy time with your friends and family. However, sometimes you may have to prepare for the destruction of friendship.




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