Buying Weights - Anywhere?

Is there anywhere that has reasonably priced weights in stock? Ideally barbell weights, but I'm considering all alternatives now… All I can find are scalpers on eBay!

None of the usual retail have any (rebel, Kmart etc), and online sellers like gym direct are in backorder for months.


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    I had seen a few on gumtree and market place go cheap enough but they aren't lasting lot. I was lucky that my gym lent their equipment out to memebers. I drove past Aussie Fitness on Tuesday and they closed the store and website and were doing nothing but packing lots of orders up and putting them in the vans and trucks. We back onto national park and if you get super desperate you can do what I witnessed two young guys do yesterday and grab logs to use as weights.

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    If you are really desperate get some rebar and concrete from Bunnings - DIY!

    • Hmm that's actually a good idea.

    • I saw Bunnings selling equipment, they are re-selling online

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    plastic containers full of dirt

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    Duffle bags or backpacks with old textbooks work too.

  • Milk bottles. 3L milk bottle filled with water will be approx 3KG. Put a couple on each end of a broom, through the handle.

    Or fill a backpack with as many heavy things as you can (books are great) and do weight bearing exercises with it on.

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    Use own body weight.

    For pull/chin ups, get sth like this which doesn't seem to be in demand.

    • My thoughts exactly -

      If I didn't have a set of weights in the garage I'd be doing one of this guy's workouts because you only need minimal equipment and the chance of injury is low.

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    bags of rice from your stock piling.

  • Try some local op shops?

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    I purchased a home gym kit with reistance bands (110lbs combined) and handles on Amazon for $30. Sold out at the moment, but there are other sellers on Amazon and also on ebay.

    I was quite surprised how many exercises I was able to do with them. Been using them for a week. Way better than spending money on dumb bells while the gyms are closed imo.

    • Yeah that looks great for the interim - don't love working out at home, but will be necessary - had a look at the other sets, and they seem to be of a lot lower quality. Wonder if they will restock…

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    2nd hand seems like a good bet, I always see great steals there on gumtree and marketplace

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      Screw bulking, it's all about the maintenance until this blows over :D

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      A general hint: Exercise in any form (and it varies from one person to an other) helps with managing stress, cardiovascular as well as mental health, better immune system, etc. Atleast those are the things that have worked for me.

      I quit the gym 2 weeks to ago to avoid any potential spread of the virus, but still wake up at 4am to stick to my schedule at home to workout with resistance bands and go for a run at 5.30am for 30 minutes. And no, I dont want to bulk, but would rather stay fit and healthy before I start going crazy stuck inside the house.

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    Definitely Kogan. You can get a dumbbell set massively inflated from < $200 to a cool $999!

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      Wait until I tell the wife that 180kg of bumper plates I bought at the beginning of last year was actually an investment.

  • Price for anything gym related has gone through the roof. a functional trainer that was $1995 is now $2495…

  • I've managed to grab some here. I know it's a bit expensive but people have upped their prices on marketplace and gumtree. I prefer these

    Only vinyl dumbbells left.

  • The price hiking by people on gumtree is disgusting also. People are taking the piss now. Sets of dumbells for well over 300

  • If you want something new and for a reasonable price you came late. If anything is still in stock the price went through the roof.

    Your only option is 2nd hand since most of the new items on eBay/gumtree are extremely expensive.

    • everyone on scumtree is trying to make a quick buck selling their old shitty used weights for thousands. idiots

      • You mean rusted barbells/dumbbells and most of standard discs? Yeah, I've seen a lot of those ones for astronomical prices lately on Facebook Marketplace.

        • yup they are all over scumtree too. scumbags

  • Here’s one you all probably didn’t expect. I have been searching for sometime! Besides the overpriced adjustable weights, this is the best site I found for them. And what an odd spot :P. Their adjustables aren’t actually a terrible price either!

    • Just tried to buy the dumbbells, says they're available on the page however the first available date for delivery is mid July…

      • Oh Lordy lol. So frustrating as the only sites that have stock are crazy overpriced.

  • The price of any of this stuff is ridiculous now, especially on Amazon etc. Wahoo Kickr's and Tacx trainers are all out of stock too for a month at least.

    Wishing I kept the Aldi dumbell set now, which was $20 a set. Got someone to go get one and a set ended up being one side so I said don't worry about it.. Was a great good price regardless looking back!

    Mind you haven't bothered doing any push ups yet, can still go for rides/walks outside at the moment.

  • Anyone know of any other sites?

  • Merged from Desperately looking for weights

    I had placed an order for a 50KG dumbbell/barbell set from Rebel sport. After 12 days they cancelled my order and are refunding the money.

    Prices on gumtree are through the roof. Not sure this would get anywhere, but if you know of anything it would greatly help. Thanks in advance!

    • Orbit sent out an email today letting me know weights are back in stock!

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      Buy a piglet and carry it up a mountain every day

      • If only, If only, the woodpecker crys.

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      Fill a suitable bucket with cement+water from bunnings.

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      That's not what a V shaped recovery means.

    • Buy the 10L (10kg+) water boxes from woolies/coles/aldi for $4 each.
      That will do for now.

    • Was weight shopping today and told next couple of weeks they will be back in stock

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        I guess that means you'll have to…wait.

        • or make your own

          • @DisabledUser102420: I’m sure you could rent him some kids to piggy back ride, throw balls with, pick up after, etc.

            • @try2bhelpful:

              I had placed an order for a 50KG dumbbell/barbell set

              My kids are all on the skinny side despite eating us out of the house. The only one who weighs around 50kg in our family is my wife and I'm not sending her away while I stay in the madhouse with the kids. No way!

              • @DisabledUser102420: You must, really, be loving the home schooling.

                • @try2bhelpful: One of them has likened going to school to attending a party. Her reasoning was that you go there to hang out with your friends and to have fun. Sure you eat your fill but it's not about the food; it's about the memories, the friendships and the good times. You could get the same fingerfood delivered at home and pig out but then what? You're full but you've had no fun at all and you still have 6 hours of the day to fill.

                  Fair to say, they are bored. Most of the school work has been completed by mid-morning and then are raring to go out and explore the world. Thank God for books and the trampoline! Just wished the library was still open.

                  • @DisabledUser102420: They can still exercise, as long as they keep their distance from others. The man, and I, go out for 2-3 hours a day but we keep to the backstreets and avoid crowds. It is still pretty quiet out there but it is beginning to ramp up a little. Some of the libraries are doing ebooks, if you have the technology.

                    I thought you might like this, although it is a bit techie. The gerbils (root password) one makes me think of what it might be like when they ease restrictions


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                      @try2bhelpful: We do go for long walks on the beach at the end of the day, where they will 3-finger salute anyone they see🤦🏻‍♂️ Luckily, we don't see many people and those we do come across get the Hunger games reference.

                      My wife has them in the morning while I'm at work and from what I've heard, they are really good for her. She does start their day with yoga and mindfulness exercises, which probably helps to get them in a much calmer disposition . But by the time I get home, around lunchtime, they are like those gerbils - I need to brace myself because the moment I'll open the garage door, 3 human canonballs are going to throw themselves at me. Then the dog and the chooks get involved and it's a cacophony😂 Even the bunny does his little binkies to greet me. Once they've reached that level of excitement, it's almost impossible to get them back to being calm and collected.

                      My youngest asked me the other day, with a serious expression on his face, "Daddy, what news do you bring us from the outside world?"🙄 Those couple of weeks we've been in lockdown must feel like an eternity to him. 6 months lockdown will be equivalent to 1/6 of his life. 1/6 of his life where he should be out there , exploring the world around him, making new friends and becoming his own little person. He might not get to do any of those things :(

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                        @DisabledUser102420: I’m feeling fairly optimistic, particularly for kids; their immune system seems to hold them in pretty good stead. I’m 58, and given the stats, I’m not feeling like every step will be my last either. I don’t wear a mask, I do use the sanitiser - I do worry about what superbugs we are breeding with all the sanitiser, in use.

                        You guys sound like you are pretty grounded; I’m sure your kids will come out of this OK and, if nothing else, it teaches them patience. At least you are surrounded by life; it must be depressing to be old, and on your own, or sitting in an old people’s home feeling like a sitting duck.

                        I had a Melanoma removed 20 years ago and it taught me that I really have little control over my future and, sometimes, you need to disconnect the fear and concentrate on what you can do. To me, the main issue is I don’t know how this will play out. If we had a timetable, I think, we would all be a lot more reassured. All we can do is hold on for the ride and hope we come out, alright, at the other end. The odds are, pretty much, we will. At least we don’t have a complete lunatic in charge.

                        For the kids I would suggest logic puzzles. I do my cryptic crosswords, play my games, etc; keeping the little grey cells active. Try something like Monument Valley or Monument Valley2. This is a beautiful set of logic puzzles with a gorgeous sound scape. Wear them out running around the beach.

                        The future will see this as our “defining moment”; like people who lived through the World wars, or the Spanish Flu.

                        BTW, the showing my boss the bug fix is from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” by Tom Stoppard. It is Hamlet told from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s perspective. I think it would appeal to your sense of humour.

                        Best to your family. Stay safe, stay sane.

    • Local scrap metal recyclers. Weights should go for $1 per kg.

    • Call every target, Kmart and BigW in the area. You might just have to keep call them back and drive a few minutes out of your way. There's dumbbells out there.

    • Catch had a few dumbbells on Friday all gone in a few hours.

      Maxxus have some to ship until May 25th.

      The rest are sold out.

      Sams fitness is going to have some weights and barbells in stock soon.

  • Honestly its not worth buying anything atm. They are all trying to rip you off. Just wait till this is over

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