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It is now nearly April and we havent used our Package Bonus of $200.00.
We always struggle to use it and the only easy way to use is massage.
Many many years ago we bought some health devices but it seems to be very difficult nowadays.
Eg I thought I can get a CPAP machine but the sleep-study company is having hiccup…
Then look at non-PBS item and Chemist records is not complete.

Can someone please share with us how else you can use it?
Thanks heaps!

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Medibank Private
Medibank Private


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    Dental is always the best for me.


    You must be a long-time customer to still have a package bonus.

    When I used to be with Medibank, I only ever used the package bonus to cover the gap on dental items not covered under the two free check-ups a year (e.g, fillings, x-rays) and optical (e.g. lens treatments, more expensive frames).

    I thought there was not necessarily a rush to use your package bonus each year, since you could have up to $500 or $1000 of your package bonus banked, but I could be wrong.


      Yes we must be ancient to still have this Package Bonus, which sometimes I find rather cumbersome being unable to use it, or forgot, or some Provider dont have that facility. There is only so much massage I can do!
      There is a little rush now because of the 31-March-2020 dateline.
      We are looking at changing plan and the person on the phone said the moment we switch we will lose this $200.
      Since it only started on 1-January-2020, and the last few months have been havoc and now with Covid, it is really pushing to be able to "spend" this now…..

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