Recommendations for Tracksuit Pants

Hi all,

I'm lucky enough that I'm able to work from home through the COVID-19 pandemic, but it's brought to my attention that I only have one pair of tracksuit pants (and god help me I'm not wearing jeans just to sit in my living room).

Does anyone have any brands/shops that they recommend? Obviously needs to be avaliable online for delivery, comfortable, and reasonably good quality.

Thanks guys!


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    Uniqlo "Lounge Pants" - They are prety lightweight so if being warm is your goal because its like 5 degrees or something. Not so great, but perfect for lounging.


      I'll check them out! Ideally I would like something warm because I'm heading into Melbourne winter but I might end up buying an assortment

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    Since mine never leave the house I find they last 7 to 10 years. I am sure anything from kmart or target will do the job.

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    Nike Tech Fleece… the Mercedes of trackpants

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    There's a tracky dack fashion parade outside Centrelink every day this week.

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    Who wears pants at home?

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      Those of us who live next to a childcare centre. I can take off my pants or open my blinds, but never both!

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    Big W.


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    I personally vouch for last year's ANKO branded ones from Kmart. They're delightfully plush and soft and more importantly, they've already been worn for one winter season and they haven't pilled-up yet. Considering I usually expect pilling pretty much after the 2nd wash, I was quite pleasantly amazed. Caveat is, I have no idea if this year's trackies will be of the same quality.


    I looked and looked as well. Most of the fleeced track pants I found were very thin, and they tended to wear out fairly quickly in the crotch, and the thighs I suppose because they just rubbed. I’ve tried Nike, Bonds, Puma, K-Mart, and BigW. I finally found a pair of Champion mens track pants that are very thick, and they are very comfortable. I think it’s best to get something that has elastic cuffs at the feet because it keeps your pants from getting wet, and from draping on the ground. I found the Nike’s to be thinner than the Champion, and they ran smaller, for me but overall they were quite comfortable. I will definitely look for another pair of Champion pants, only because they are so thick. So they wouldn’t probably be very good for training or running for but lounging around, nothing beats em I don’t think. The main problem is that they’re a rip off. I got them from Harbour Town in Adelaide on clearance, but at full price, I think they’re not worth it.

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