Ford Focus Electrical Issue


I'll preface this by saying I have very limited knowledge when it comes to cars.

I bought a Ford Focus 2003 auto about 2 months ago. The two times I tried the car out everything was great with it, no issues at all. I drove the car home, parked it and just an hour later when I tried starting it it was dead. The key turned, the radio started playing and the dash lights turned on, but when twisting the key all the way I would just make a slight start noise then go flat. I thought I might had left the lights on, just I charged the battery. The car started up again and ran for about 4 days; I was driving when all of a sudden they radio starting turning on and off by itself. When I parked the car and turned it off, the same issue as previously happend and the car wouldn't start.

I then bought a brand new battery, and this lasted me for about a month. When driving the other day, the radio started acting up and turning of and on again. Im charging the battery as I'm writing this, but doing that all the time isn't really a fix to the problem. Has anyone had similiar issues and know what the problem is? I'm thinking it might be the dynamo that broken, but as I said I have no idea. Thought I'd rather ask here first then take it to the shop if its an easy fix.

Thanks in Advance.
- mrmicpo


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    sounds like the car is not charging the battery, I think thats alternator.


    Get an auto electrician to check it out.


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    Troll post?

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    Alternator needs to be refurbished or replaced

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    It's likely the wombobulator but first you need the flux capacitor checked out.

    And while it's in there, get your blinker fluid topped up, last owner could've left it low.


    Pretty good timeline of events. My first impression would be to check the alternator. Full disclaimer - I am not a mechanic. Just have a bit of an interest.

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    I bought a Ford Focus 2003 auto about 2 months ago

    My condolences. Get a multimeter, $5 one will do the job, and check the voltage at the battery while the car is running. If it's not around 14 volts, you have an alternator issue.


    Is the battery light on the dash showing while the car is running?