Mi Band 2 and Smart Scales

Hi guys

I own an old Mi Band 2. I just dug it out of my drawer and realised this could be a good tool to track my sleep.

When I opened the app it seemed simple enough to operate.

I wonder, is there a way to purchase a set of measuring weight scales that speak to my mi Band or my mi Fit app?

I wish to track my weight and sleep patterns in a simple to use, no fuss, intuitive way.

I plan to sleep with the mi Band on, and step on the scales every morning and every night.

I hope this is possible! Thanks :)


  • Have you looked at the Xiaomi scales?

    • i dont know if they use the same app

      • +1

        According to the Xiaomi website, https://www.mi.com/global/scale , it uses the Mi Fit app.

        I have one, but I never connected it up. Its just a nicely accurate scale for me. Looks good too.

        • ok thanks, will get it when its on special

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