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10GB Free Trial (No Credit Card Required) @ USENET.farm


Start your free trial (10GB)
No credit card or other payment info required, try without pay

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    You're not paying for the product, you are the product. 😝

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    xsusenet has 25gb on free accounts been that way for years, but only 2Mbit speed


      Hey, that's not a bad deal, especially if you are on a low tier NBN plan like the NBN 25. The throttling would be annoying though for anyone on a 100 or 50 plan, who also expected max performance of their circuit. I'm gonna sign up for them anyway and they can be my Priority 3. What I really liked about this usenet.farm provider was the NTD (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7d/Usenet_P...) . They were able to complete quite a few nzb that my block provider couldn't.


    What is it? a VPN?

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      No, a VPN is a networking tool, that provides a Virtual Private Network connection to a providers server infrastructure, who then provide you with access to the internet.

      Usenet are farms of servers that replicate each others content.

      3 parts to the solution.

      1) A newsreader (downloading) application
      2) A service provider who runs Newsgroup Servers
      3) A indexing service so you can find content.

      1) https://sabnzbd.org/. - The client - Just install like any other program.
      2) Usenet.Farm free trial - the welcome email will tell you how to set up the server option in 1). Use ssl option for privacy - 443 is good
      3) Sign up for a free index service like https://www.tabula-rasa.pw/ to find links which allows you to grab the content

      There are paid index services such as nzb.su, which make finding thing easy as well. But the 1-2-3 above will cost nada to try it all out.

      Here is another link that might answer some questions: https://intercom.help/xsusenet/en/articles/748306-how-to-get... or. https://xsusenet.com/faqs

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