Does 28 Degrees Price Protection cover all eBay stores?

I was just wondering if the 28 Degrees Price Protection policy covers all stores? I understand it covers Australian retailers on ebay but does that include ALL stores (e.g. not talking about stores with a brick and mortar presence)? Does anyone have any experience with claiming the price difference for items sold on ebay?

E.g. if I buy something from a small ebay store and find that they've reduced the price a few months later. Can I claim the difference?


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    Yes, i have done that before, but i make sure its an Aust company with an ABN, not a dropshipper from China


      Any idea if it'll work if they don't have an ABN? The small stores I'm looking at don't have their ABN listed on their store description.


        Normally if it's an actual store, they will have a parent company, like Shopping Square trades under a few different names etc. But if they don't have an ABN then I wouldn't think Price protection will apply sorry.


    I thought this was gonna be about the band.

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