Need a Replacement GFX Card. 1650 Super Vs. RX 580 Vs. RX 590?

Hey folks,

As the title suggests, I need a new graphics card to replace my dead HD 7970 that managed to cook itself just before Doom Eternal was released.

The rest of the PC specs are: i5-4690k, 8GB ram, 750W PSU, 250GB SSD.

I am leaning more towards the GTX 1650 Super as it is a lot newer and has the same performance as the RX 580.

However the RX 580/590 has 8GB VRam which is making me think they might have better longevity?

I mostly game at 1080P, but have a 4K TV that I would like to play at 1440P if possible.

I am looking at getting them from UMART, and the prices range from $260 - $300.

RX 580:
RX 590:
GTX 1650S:

Any help?


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