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60%-70% off Lindt & Chocolatier Easter Chocolates @ SweetAs


SweetAs, a local Melbourne-based family-owned business is selling Lindt and Chocolatier Easter chocolates for 60%-70% off RRP. Plenty of stock at time of posting.

SweetAs has retail stores located in Chadstone Shopping Centre, Westfield Doncaster and their warehouse in East Bentleigh, Victoria.

Delivery is also available Australia-wide.

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    Good deal if you live in Melbourne.
    WA delivery is $25

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    Yeah shipping kills it for non locals. $20 to Qld for a few eggs.

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      Realistically they would be doing their balls atm with shops in Westfield & Easter products been reduced to nothing everywhere atm.. 60-70% off barely any margin in it if any, obviously this deal is more for locals than delivery

      Check your local area likely others heavily reducing to get rid of their Easter supply

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        Yes, you are correct. The economic downturn brought about by COVID-19 has decimated business for my friends’ SweetAs shops. Their small family business has been financially pounded, yet Chadstone and Westfield rents remain sky high.

        They spent $$$$$$’s on Easter stock, ordered before the virus hit, which they are now trying desperately to clear (AT COST PRICE) before the govt eventually announces a full lockdown and they will be forced to close shop and unable to trade any further. It’s a difficult time for them, as it is for many other people trying to keep afloat through this period.

        Long time lurker on this website, but felt compelled to sign up today to make this post.

        They don’t know I’ve posted this in Ozbargain. I’m just trying to help their business survive.

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          SweetAs at Chaddie is a good shop. I hope they ride it out because it is one of my “go to” places when I wander through Chaddie. Best of luck to them.


    Shipping $20 or $150 minimum for free shipping is ridiculous.

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    Someone just posted on the markdown addicts facebook group, act fast if you want anything

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    $10 shipping beats the discounts


    $20 shipping to NSW kills it for me


    i went with aldi easter bunnies, german chocolate and works out t $20kg, the lindt bunnies at coles are still at $38kg …..

    if sweet as are doing 60-70% off, that is gettin down to block chocolate pricing per kg , but the benefit of easter gifting format.

    as a kid used to wait for post easter sales and get cheap chocolate ….hard habit to kick.

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      If you buy the packets of Lindt mini eggs, they work out at $15.26kg. Buy 20 packets of them and then add 100 chupa chups @$34.95 and it nullifies the delivery costs ($20 for me in Qld) which means I get the Chupa Chups @ 15cents each. Do it through your business and you can also claim the gst and feel good that you have supported a fellow small business owner. Winner Winner Lindt for dinner…and lunch…and breakfast….


        Thanks petebern.

        I understand interstate users’ feedback about delivery costs making the overall purchase prohibitive, if all they’re after is a couple of Lindt bunnies. This deal won’t be a deal for everyone.

        But for those who are local, and for those who do want to buy up large and have it shipped, SweetAs’ Easter chocolates are being sold for a true bargain.

        Along with the Easter chocolates for my children to enjoy, I also purchased several trays of Lindt bunnies and Lindt eggs from SweetAs and sent them as “Thank You” care packs to my children’s schools, as a thank you to the teachers and office staff, as well as delivered some trays of Lindt bunnies to friends who are nurses and police officers to distribute to their colleagues at the hospitals and police stations, as a “thank you” for putting their health on the line during these turbulent times.

        It was a way of supporting my friends at SweetAs, while also sharing the love and gratitude with those who are risking themselves just by doing their jobs.



    Was at Doncaster for grocery. Notice they only mark it down to 40%.


      It’s been marked down an additional 40% from their previous already discounted selling price, so their current selling price is now 60-70% off the original RRP price. The prices on their website is the same as what it’s selling in-store for. As mentioned previously, they are trying to clear their Easter stock at their cost price (what it cost them to buy it off their suppliers; no profit; just trying to recoup costs),

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