Xiaomi Roborock S50 - What Is The Difference?

Hi all

I have the $500 Kogan credit and looking at getting an S50.

Apart from the price and import vs onshore differences, what is the difference between these two?



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  • I think it's the same. I just purchased it for $500

  • My wife wants to gamble on the price going down further, so won't bite just yet.

  • They look identical.

    By the way… The new firmware in the s50 adds room cleaning control… If you buy the s6 accessories (which fit) you are pretty much getting the same benifits as the more expensive s6..

    • Thanks for this info! What s6 accessories are there? I didn’t know there were any.

    • How recent is the firmware update? Does it happen to add support for different floors?

      • I noticed it a couple of weeks ago.

        I'm not sure what you're asking in regards to different floors. There has always been the feature for carpet to increase power.

        • I think he means for multi-story buildings.

          eg: My townhouse is 3 levels that are almost identical but also subtly different. My Robovac doesn't cope with this seamlessly.

          • @brad1-8tsi: Exactly, S6 for example can have 2 or 3 different "floors" or maps. So you could put it upstairs and it would have all the mapping data for it and go about its trip efficiently, likewise for downstairs.

            The S5/50 on the otherhand hasn't (last I checked) been given this firmware update which has left a lot of customers annoyed. If you physically moved it from downstairs to upstairs it would have to map the area all over again which is really inefficient and takes a lot longer than a saved map. Then if you moved it back downstairs it would have to learn that section all over again as well, then repeat every time you move it between floors.

            I have a section in my house that is raised and this feature alone has put me off getting the S50, but now I'm thinking I just bite the bullet and maybe build a ramp for when it's running so it can just get up to the raised area.

  • Crap… Just pulled the trigger on the Kogan LX10 for $389, when this was about $580-$600 on Kogan… So the same $500 credit :(

  • Your First Link is for 'Direct Import'

    The Second Link is 'Official Australian stock & comes with an additional manufacture warranty'

  • So that means , with new Kogan user 10$ credit and signing up for free shipping with FIRST, the price drops to 489$

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