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Greetings everyone, A Kids Book About is a great organisation which attempts to write books to explain topics in a easy-to-understand way.

They're offering a brand newly published book to Help kids and grownups everywhere learn more about COVID-19.

Seems like a really good way to get a better understand about this Virus and how to help ourselves and others in this time of need :)

Their books usually go for $19.95 USD so this is a great gesture to offer it for free.

The world has never seen anything like the COVID-19 pandemic before, and it's affecting everyone. Kids have a lot of questions, and their grownups do too. This book is meant to help answer some questions and start a discussion about what each of us can do to help keep our communities safer during the coronavirus outbreak. Written by a scientist who studies disease outbreaks.

Malia Jones is an academic, a researcher, a social justice advocate, a great lover of maps, a partner, and a mom. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where she works in a university setting as a social epidemiologist studying how infectious diseases spread in human populations. Although she doesn't usually study coronaviruses (those scientists are pretty busy saving the world right now), her down-to-earth advice and understanding of epidemics have made her very popular in recent weeks.

eBook Format: EPUB & PDF
eBook ISBN: 978-1-951253-30-1
eBook Compatibility: iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices only; PDF compatibility with all other devices
64 Pages

As always, enjoy :)

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