Google Animal 3D and Samsung Galaxy S8

Ok I am really bored and altho I dont have kids, I am jealous of my friends who are able to do this Animal 3D in their Space

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and no matter how I tried, I cant get the animal into my Space!
The Apps on my phone was Chrome and I just downloaded Google.
The furthest I was able to do is just to view the animal in 3D
Have tried doing inside the house and thought it mihgt be too dark so went to the backyard with full sun, still wont work!

Please help me! Will be forever grateful!



    are you doing it properly cause its working well for me

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    Yep same issue with my Galaxy S8 too. I looked for answers online. Tried updating Google AR related apps and even installed AR Elements (which works perfectly fine).

    I can see the 3d animal, but cant hear them and can't see in my space.

    It works straight away on the newer Galaxy A70.

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