A Chef That Get Stood down from Work

Hi guys,

Official from today I get a letter from my employer that the business is in stand down for minimum of 2 months. I am a chef by trade and working for airlines catering company. I can choose to take my accrued annual leave or take unpaid leave. As you all know hospitality retail industry been hit hard by this lockdown measures. Looking for a gig as a chef in restaurants probably a bit tricky. I read on the news that we can apply for jobseeker payment if the job has been affected by coronavirus. Is it true? Any implications for applying this support payment? How much can we get for the payment in order for me to manage my cashflow.
this is my first time applying for support payment other than FTB, left without job and hard to find job elsewhere. Just looking for suggestions out there. ๐Ÿ™ thank you

Current status.
Employed but stood down
Has 3 weeks of annual leave
Married with mortgage and 1 toddler
Have some savings to live for few weeks and some shares

Hope things get better soon
Stay safe and healthy


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    Sadly you are one of the many thousands out of work.

    Sign up for Centrelink benefits and maybe try Colesworths for a job, they seem to be they only ones currently employing people.

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    Hey spendy,

    I sent you a PM with details of a Casual Job Vacancy that might be you…

    Mandurah, Perth WA


    Talk to your bank and pause the mortgage. Are you able to live off the funds freed from the mortgage for two months?


    unfortunately, airline catering is going to be dead for more than 2 months…it would be lucky to recover in even a year

    aviation section is going to be the last sector to come back up again as it acts against trying to "flattening the curve"
    We would be afraid to open our borders and vice versa until vaccine exists (or some instant way of testing)

    even if it does come back up again it would only be domestic at best and the catering required for that would be minimal

    suggest you cash in leave if they let you
    as least you are going to get some cash out of it

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    Sign up for the dole straight away. About you and another 1 million plus people are having to do this right now.

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    more likely than not you should be eligible for the new $750/wk salary support measure announced by the gov this morning, if the company happy to keep you on the payroll. That's better than being on the dole ($550/wk max from what I heard). So don't lose hope just yet. Ofc, your normal pay might be much higher than that. And ideally you should have a meaningful employment, but in lieu of all that, the $750/wk do nicely compared to nothing.


      Will try to apply tonight midnight when the centrelink site not as busy. Im just afraid it will take more than 2 months for things to be back to normal


    If you haven't heard about the new wage subsidies yet, check this out

    I believe you need to get back to your employer and follow up regarding the changes. Hopefully that resolves your situation.

    Best of luck to you and your family.


      Part-time workers and casuals with at least one year in their job can receive the payment, which is slated to start flowing in early May…


        Details are a bit vague now. I believe employers will keep paying employees normally and the payment coming in May from the Government, will go to the Employer. It should be back dated until today as well.

        OP didn't mention his position, but 3 weeks of annual leave makes it sound like he qualifies.


      Yeah just read the news. So no need to apply for jobseeker i guess? Because there is jobkeeper stimulus ๐Ÿคจ

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    Take your leave entitlements first in case the business goes under


      100% correct. There is every chance your employer is going to go belly up here. Take that cash now and leave no risk that it's not available later.


    How much is your partner's income? I think if it is more than $80K you would not be eligible for any support payment.


      Partner has no income


        Your partner needs to apply for parenting payment partnered ASAP also. I would think twice about taking the leave as that would preclude you from any support during that period, and then you would return to work with no accrued leave.


    Don't touch anything…. your employer now pays you 80% of your wage… look into it

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