KFC Feedback Survey (free drink/chips) App Payment Change Question

Heyo all.

Anyone else use KFC surveys from time to time? I would usually hit pay at restaurant in app and show valid voucher prior to paying after lining up. Recent app update now only has app payment so not sure how you are meant to wriggle it in now. Any employees can confirm?

Looks like the pull down secret menu items no longer working either.


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    just rock up to the window and show your old receipt with code. also remember to get receipt for tat transcation to repeat

    source: 28 years exp. eating kfc

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      The app has been changed to only allow pre-paying at the moment. By the time you get to the window to show the feedback voucher you've already been charged.

      The secret menu still works, but since you can only use it through the app (which requires pre-payment) you can't buy secret menu items and get a feedback voucher discount (in the same transaction). Staff will not let you order secret menu items through a register.

      It's a stupid change because they're still accepting manual payment for non-app orders.


        Fully! I wanted to make sure my thought process wasnt weird… KFC you've changed bro


        Oh that's strange. I went through this on Friday and just told them I had a free chips and drink voucher and they gave it to me. Didn't even take my voucher code.

        Might be different for different stores. I am Vic based


          It's fine if you're not using the app to order. But that's the only way to get secret menu items/some discounts on regular items.

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    Noticed the same thing the other day. Asked the manager and they said they would honour the survey code but it wasn't done thru their system. Bit annoying as don't want to always follow up with a manager.

    For those that aren't aware, once an order has been paid for via the app KFC staff can't alter it to add the free drink/chips from a survey code.


    I placed an order today via the App and I asked the store if they would still honour a survey receipt. They simply rung it up as a separate transaction.

    I have had stores in the past when busy just give me the extra chips/drink, take the receipt and (presumably) input it later.

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