Telstra JB Hi-Fi / The Good Guys Plan Expiring

Many people on OzBargain have taken up the well known JB-Hifi / GoodGuys Telstra offers with phones and gift cards. Many have also received a good deal on their monthly charges due to port in credits etc.

Now I am wondering what is going to happen to the plan once the 12 / 24 months expire? Do they just continue with the bonus data and port in credits etc?

Personally I would be happy to keep my $25 a month 50GB with Telstra. A good deal considering the competition.

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    $25 for 50gb?? I'd just keep it


    I'm in the same boat with my contract about to expire and looking to stay with Telstra if possible, but the best option being offered online is $50 per month for 15 gb which is too high compared to other options out there. Would be interested to hear from others' experiences as to whether they were able to continue securing a good deal with Telstra or switched…

    Trouble is that when I last checked, I could only access Telstra network from inside my apartment…(Optus/Vodafone didn't work, but it's possible connectivity has improved since then.)

    Edit: just found this thread which may help

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      From those replies it looks like once your 12/24 months respectively are over, you're out. When I was on Optus 12 months sim only, my contract just carried on into a month to month contract (which I'm hoping for will happen with Telstra). Will find out once their chat is back up and running.


    How did you get a $25 for 50gb deal with Telstra? Pre-paid or Post-paid? Cheers!

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      Hey mate sorry for the late reply.

      I am on the 12 months for $45 and asked for the port in credit of $10. Then participated in the Telstra offer for auto debit, but they delayed it and didn't want to give it to me, so they offered another $10 off resulting in $25 per month at this stage.


    They will retain your bonus and discount even after you finished your contract. I'm still on very old Telstra plan as I don't want to move it to the newer plan, I still have my bonus data and discount.

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