Can Someone Please Explain This Issue Regarding to Jobseeker and Jobkeeper

Hello, I just wondering if anyone can explain this following situation to me?

So I have been stood down from the 19th of march, i have apllied for jobseeker on the 23rd of March. Now if my claim is approved and i recieve the full welfare, what would happn if my employer is also submitting job keeper subsidy from 19th of March?

Would i need to put aside the money i recieve from centerlink and repay them as debt?

Little more info*
My industry is the event industry so we the first one to have everything cancelled and currently my bosses just barely keeping tbe lights on.

The reason with the delayed reporting is due to centerlink was basically unaccessible for 3 or 4 days due to the traffic.



    Yep, basically that.

    JK is better for the employer as it means they can keep you for longer and not have to worry about rehiring, but when the time comes they will probably have to let you go anyway if the business doesn't pick up after 6 months. It depends if you want to go through the whole JS process again. I think once JK expires; you'll see a flood of people going to JS again. Long queues, but at least the coronavirus won't be here anymore, hopefully.

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      Or in other words, the government trying 'look good' by keeping people in work 'on paper' so that the unemployment % figures don't skyrocket. Plus it looks terrible on the news when queues at Centrelink goes from one suburb to the next.

      If a business has diminishing levels of work due to severe decrease in demand, keeping someone on the books just to 'fiddle their thumbs' is a waste of everyone's time esp taxypayers money.

      If businesses do not pick up instantly once this Covid19 dies down, then those who have been kept on the books, might just end up back at Centrelink with much more difficult eligibility criteria.


        Plus it looks terrible on the news when queues at Centrelink goes from one suburb to the next.

        Hahahhahahahaa, can you imagine that long of a queue….?

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    If you choose to be re-hired by the employer, under the JobKeeper Payment you will receive $1,500 a fortnight before tax while being stood down. You will need to advise Services Australia of this income. You are then no longer eligible for the JobSeeker Payment and the Coronavirus Supplement from Services Australia as a result of receiving the JobKeeper Payment.

    Taken from the treasury


      Yep, but during that delay of reporting; the person who applied will ultimately be overpaid some amount. That's my opinion, but you never know how efficient centrelink is.

      There is also a delay in between where the employer may or may not be eligible for JK. Ultimately if they cannot justify the 20% reduction in revenue it's going to be kicked back and forth.

      It's also two different departments, ATO v Human Services. You can guess which one is more efficient.


    I would suspect you would not qualify for both JobSeeker and JobKeeper.
    It would be one or the other.
    According to the Politician on Q and A last night on ABC. You should keep both applications open, Your employer might not put you on "JobKeeper" for whatever reason, so you will qualify for JobSeeker and not delay your application.

    I suspect if you do eventually manage to get JobKeeper and JobSeeker the govt will eventually catch up with you and ask you to pay one of the payments back

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    It is very important you continue your JobSeeker application. You are entitled to - you've been stood down.

    Contact your employer and find out what they intend to do. They don't have to keep you on under JobKeeper or otherwise. A lot of employees have been stood down simply to postpone the payment of redundancy entitlements.

    Only when you receive WRITTEN confirmation from your employer to return to work (under JobKeeper) should you notify Centrelink. Don't say a single thing to Centrelink before this or you may jeopardise the application and have a big gap without any incoming funds.


    I'm really confused about the JK too. I'm a single parent and I'm a sole trader who works part-time. So I already receive single parenting payment from centrelink. But I've had to close my sole trader business for the foreseeable future due to covid-19.
    So do I stay on single parent payment and get the corona supplement or do I switch over to jobkeeper payment as a sole trader? I'm know you won't get jobseeker and jobkeeper, but what about if you're already on parenting payment?