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Raymond Weil Men's Nabucco Watch Model #: 3900-ST-05207 $536 Delivered


Raymond Weil Men's Nabucco Watch Model#: 3900-ST-05207, not latest model of this series but normally listed at $749 which is already the lowest price i can find, now on special for $499 with coupon code"AFFNAB499". Delivery costs $59.95 and takes about a week or so by UPS Expedited International. It turns out to be $536 on Today's Visa exchange rate!

Bargain for those who is looking for a decent entry model of luxury watch. At this price, i think it well worth every penny of the money spent.

Authenticity is guaranteed, but no local warranty is offered. The watch needs to sent back to US if anything goes wrong!

Paypal is not accepted for non-US customer, only credit cards.

Last day of offering! Enjoy

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  • Great price, too bad it doesn't apply to their Parisfal range.

  • +2

    Already mentioned in the post, but probably worth making this explicit. Almost no e-tailers are authorised dealers for watches (for "luxury" brands), though there are some exceptions. Gray market dealers cannot provide you with manufacturers warranty.

    I've purchased from Ashford myself, they are a reputable dealer - just keep in mind the above. Also, worth noting that you can easily walk away with a 20% discount at a B&M store.

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    Instantly turned off by any web site that feels it's important enough to warrant popping up an auto-play video on load.

    • auto-play video? where? maybe it's because i have adblock.

      • i did not see any auto-play video as well tho

  • … or maybe find a clone on price angels for $5

  • Does not accept non-usa paypal account.

    • yer, for non-US customer, they only accept credit cards. Sorry, i forgot to mention that!

  • Bought one, thanks.

    • Np. hope you will love it

      • Have you guys received the watch? I've got mine today. Nice. BUT for the "12" (twelve o'clock) numbers, the "1" digit seems to be made of a thinner piece of metal than the "2". Do you see any difference as well?

  • excellent price. i have the same watch but with the carbon fibre links. great watch, feels nice and heavy.

    • how accurate is the time keeping?

      • I suspect pretty good as long as you wear it every day.

        Mechanical automatic watches are not as accurate as modern quartz watches.

      • supposed to be around +or - 10 sec per day maximum

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