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Reusable Shopping Bags- Protect Your Groceries - $17.98 + $8.50 Shipping @ The Barista House


These bags are perfect to put your groceries in while doing your shopping and when you get to the check out, they continue to protect from any unwanted bugs from the trolley. You can wipe them down afterwoods with a germ killer.

This set grocery bags were designed to replace the ordinary plastic shopping bags and at the same time help protect the environment. You can simply fold them up and put them in your bag the next time you go shopping. The fridge can be used to store your fruit and vegies by putting them straight in the fridge . They’re slightly larger than your ordinary plastic shopping bags which make them even more convenient for when you’re out grocery shopping. While these reusable grocery bags were designed for shopping in mind, we have found that you will find many storage uses for them.

Get 10% off with the code Bag20 at check out.

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