Looking for a 250W Mid-drive Electric Bike Kit

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post.

I am browsing the net, eBay etc. for a Bafang or similar 250W mid-drive kit.

Just wonder if anyone has seen any good deals as a kit or separate parts.

I'll need the motor and battery, and other bits which I'm not 100% sure what they are yet.




    I'm not sure the infrastructure is there yet.

    Suggest an MT-07 or Street Triple.


    Controller, charger, cadence sensor, brake override levers. Maybe on the last two but essential on the first two.


    I got a BBS-HD from Luna Mate. Not cheap but I love it. Easy to fit if you have any mechanical know-how at all.

    It can do up to 1000W but can be programmed (and bought) with a limit of 250W.

    You can get everything - motor, controller/display, shims, ebrake sensor, derailleur sensor, battery, tools, better charger (it comes with one).


      Did they sell it with the power limit lifted? Or do you have to do that?


    i am converting my bike with BBS02 on a fat bike.

    There are a few stores on Aliexpress

    For example, this one

    they have been responsive with my queries so far…
    Price is quite good though if I have the budget I would go for local suppliers for warranties.


      Which option did you go with?