Cant put my Extras cover on hold?

I have extras cover with a major insurer,(HCF ) just rang them to ask if i can put it on hold/ suspension as i cant use it anyway due to the lockdown so the approx $50 a month it’s costing me seems to be a waste 😩

However the operator said it cant be done as theres no suspension of “extras” cover and if he did cancel it ,then it will be affecting my premiums in the future eg you have to wait 12 months to restart using.

Its a hard decision to make, im not at a job loss yet but still $50 a month is $50 i could have😁

Im sure i can put it on hold , maybe i should ring again to get a different operator ?😳
Maybe the operator has been told to talk people out of it?😳

I know you can put your hospital cover on hold so cant see why you cant do it with the extras cover?

Anyone else tried putting their extras cover on hold / suspension?

Im starting to think to just cancel it then, i mean its not really worth it anyway,still have to pay the gap fee at the dentist anyway for fillings etc , the only thing free is the cleans twice a year

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