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Bright Side Music Bundle - US $0 Minimum @ Groupees


An eclectic new music bundle has started on Groupees called the Bright Side bundle.

There is a free tier with some synthwave albums but the bundle in general features artists of various different styles of music including El Huervo, 2DCat, Adrian von Ziegler, AWITW and Night Runner and there is also a big Frankenstein audiobook and a comic from Markosia comics included with 25% of your payment being donated to DirectRelief Coronavirus Relief.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $0 minimum you get:

Synthaid 2018 - Paradise (album)
Synthaid 2018 - Lunar Halo (album)
Synthaid 2018 - Armageddon (album)
El Huervo - A Thing With Feathers (album)
Brokenkites - Falling Rockets (EP)
Sudoku (PDF)
Killigrew - Odyssey (album)

For $3 minimum you also get:

2DCat - Summer, 1983 (EP)
Catbeats - K.K. Silder Jammin' Afterhours (An Animal Crossing Tribute) (single)
Adrian von Ziegler - The Celtic Collection III (album)
AWITW - Colors (album)
Killigrew - Tales of Hope (album)
Brokenkites - Hello From The Moon (album)
Hyperreal Records - Type V (album)
Night Runner - Storyteller (EP)
Marc uA - Horus Torus (album)
HorrorBabble - Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (audiobook)
Running From The Devil: A Memoir of A Boy Possessed (comic)

The first bonus has been unlocked once sales pass $1,500 you will also get:

Brokenkites - Obviously A Major Malfunction (album)

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