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[PC] ARK: Survival Evolved AUD $13.99 @ Steam


ARK Evolved, 80% off on Steam.

Cheapest for a while now. Was 16 AUD some time ago and a long time ago it was for a brief moment AUD $10, but for the last month per price trackers, it has been stubbornly around AUD 70. CD keys is north of AUD70.

My 11 year old has been nagging, so glad to see the price come back to earth.

ARK evolved is best described as Minecraft with better graphics and dinosaurs. Survival, Crafting and taming animals. Free on iPad. Better experience on PC.

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  • ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) $13.99 (Steam)

    Fixed your title.

  • Is it still buggy? Last I played, when it went to "full release", it was still buggy.
    I bought the game when it was $10 early access. Gods it was so buggy, and when they introduced swamp bugs with 9999999 damage, was hilarious.

  • Mm, I think I'll pass. I dont really like dying cold, naked and alone on the beach simulators.

    And I even paid to get it off the ground in early development…ehhh

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