Budget Desktop PC for Video Editing ($500-$800)

I'm looking for a desktop PC that will JUST be used for video editing.

Can a budget one be built for ($500-800)?





    AMD over Intel for more cores, better multiprocessing and usually better price.
    16GB RAM at 3200 so it doesn't slow you down mid process.
    HDD to help keep you in budget, would suggest a SSD though even just to run the OS and video editing software on.
    Would suggest finding an older gen GPU to help with budget, you don't need latest and greatest for video editing.
    Motherboard is the best for the chipset and decently priced.

    If your capable of building it yourself you could save a bit to help with keeping in budget.

    Price - $800-$900AUD


      A 240GB crucial bx400 currently retails for around $75 and is a good value SSD. Your computer will be around 3 times faster at booting if you go for the SSD. It has a similar cost compared to a 1TB hard drive.

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