Moving House - How to go about it while in semi-lockdown

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A mate is moving house in a couple of days. How would you go about doing it without risking getting fined? His kids are 6 years old and are on school holidays. They have been asked to leave by next Thursday.

He's in Melbourne.



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    moving house is permitted


      Is it permitted for him to get someone to watch his kids during the process? or even send them to a mate's place for the day?


        i heard child care is free from next week

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        Given that moving house is permitted, all related tasks, such as getting the kids looked after, should be acceptable too.

        Just make sure the kids are with people that are not at risk.

        And try and limit the amount of time they need to be looked after (ie don’t have them there for a week, try and move everything in a day and then spend the rest of the time unpacking when the kids can be in the new home).


          getting the kids looked after, should be acceptable too.

          I've had a chat with a local police officer. Apparently this is not acceptable- his kids and dog will have to stay with him while he is supervising the move and cannot spend the day and night with us.

          He is relocating 34km away and we live 2 blocks from his new place. How ridiculous?


    I hope your friend & his family haven't been evicted ?


      Not officially. He came to an agreement with his landlord who needed to move back into his property.


        Far out - moving house is stressful at the best of times.

        In terms of caring for the kids, how do you ensure their health or the health of those that care for them during the move isn't potentially compromised?

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          We've offered to have the kids and dog over for a 2-night sleepover. My wife will have to look after 5 kids , 2 dogs , a rabbit and a couple of chooks while I go over and help him to pack and unpack. It's going to be chaotic to say the least :/


          It will be worth it: cheaper rent and recently renovated house. Plus, you didn't mind the layout too much :p The owner contacted us and agreed to $120k less than he originally wanted.

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    They should be fine the coppers wouldn’t fine them for that and even if they were they could get it scrapped

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    1. Hire a mover
    2. Pack things into boxes possibly taking smaller items across with you beforehand
    3. When movers arrive one parent takes kids into vacant room, other assists movers
    4. After movers leave; parents and kids immediately hop in car to new place (to open it up for the movers)

    To make things a bit easier having a day or even week's overlap between two places is useful as you can move the small stuff across first.

    Movers still operate during shutdown and should be able to walk you through their process and answer questions (if they won't find a different mover - I recommend getting well-reviewed movers).

    Being your typical OzBargainer I was hesitant to hire a mover and used friends (pre-COVID-19). At one point, when moving a heavy mattress in the surprise rain, I said to my friend "this is worst decision of my life." The next day I hired a mover and though the $250 stung my OzBargain sensibilities - looking back I've spent far more and gotten far less in my life.

    As @phunkydude says there are no legal issues with moving and housing in Australia is the way it is because we collectively chose it to be that way. It would be poor form to hassle people who are the victim of the Australia's precarious housing market.

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    Hope you've found other comments helpful. Here's my two-cents -

    • Proceed with caution, things are changing very fast during this time. Check with the local police and explain your situation just so they are aware
    • You have mentioned your mate's got kids. Essentials must be packed and kept close at all times. Food, Water, medications (if any), mobile chargers.
    • Ask the movers if they have been experiencing any flu-like symptoms. Politely refuse to hire if you sense something not right.
    • To pack boxes, you might need to run between Bunnings, Officeworks more often. Be aware of their store hours & store stock. Most of them are closing very early.
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