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Breathable Fabric Office Chair $99 + Shipping via Groupon

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Was looking for a cheap chair for home office. $150 elsewhere.

I bought a chair called 'Canterbury' from AMART for $199 but the plastic back was cracked so taking it back today.

Not sure about quality but coudn't find anything similar cheaper elsewhere.

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  • ADLI had similar one selling for $60 but you may have to wait a bit for special buy

    • this has flip-up armrests, works better on a standing desk (when you wanna take a break from standing but don't wanna lower the desk), I think it looks a little bit sexier too 😊

  • Just be aware that the backrest fabric on these is usually super thin and provides little to no support.

    Boss bought a whole heap of office chairs with "breathable mesh backs" and the fabric is so pathetic that it doesn't support your back at all.

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    'Breathable fabric' - I wonder if I can make masks from these chairs?

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    I'd stay away from these no name ones.

    Get a mesh one from staples instead. I've had one for 7 years now, other than the left armrest breaking (i put my whole weight on it when shifting) its been a good chair. The mesh they use is a strong nylon type, my cat always climbs on it and not a single hole.

    • You live in Australia don't you? How did you buy from a site that only ships within the US?

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        7 years ago they were known as Staples in Australia. Now they trades as Winc I believe

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    At this price, would you not be better off getting a second hand example from a reputable brand?

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    Only a 12 month warranty (and only because it's the law), and no hours-of-use rating. It's cheap, but if it's something you're going to spend time sitting on, spend a little more. $200 will get you a 8 year warranty and 5-8 hours-of-use rating, and $250 will get you a 15 year warranty and 8+ hours-of-use rating. And those aren't bargains, that's just the normal price for something built to last.

    These $100 chairs are fine if you hardly use them, otherwise you'll be buying a new one every year.

    • They ever go in sale? Doubtful ATM with home office set ups increasing!

    • I take the point of that quality may be an issue but those are not drafting chairs like the one posted. I looked for some tall (drafting) chairs some time ago and there weren't many I could find. So this seems like a good price considering all others that I saw were substantially more expensive.

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        Officeworks has drafting chairs as well. Here's one that's basically the same as the 15 year warranty example posted above, but taller, and cheaper for some reason.

    • This is a great point but nearly every office chair is out of stock at Office works. Their office chair isle was the toilet paper isle of office supplies. Home printers were the paper towels.

    • Damn I just ordered one of these yesterday.. I was looking for a reclining chair to nap in on occasion with a solid warranty. Wow I thought even 8 years was reliable.

  • Remember to tax deduct it.

  • Are the mesh backs any good?

    I've never used one, and rather like the warmth of a normal padded back. Perhaps I'm fussing over nothing…

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      wont be as plush as leather or cloth foam seats but it's not hot during summer or long sessions. Main advantage is it never sags

  • Don't forget to use discount coupon and cash back.

    As for the warnings by some about potentially poor quality due to the low price, I won't pay much attention at them.

    I bought a similar chair at office works for about the same price over 5 years ago and it's still good. And I use it a lot.

  • I was looking at the same one on Amazon today https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07VGV1262/?coliid=I224V1DA0L51…, which is closer to $160 and Kogan https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/nai-artiss-office-chair-veer-dr… has it for $135 so bargain, thanks!

  • FYI: This is in stock again.

  • Is anyone who bought this having trouble putting it together at all?

    On the final step my base won’t slide onto the hydraulic pump, it is like the base bit was not made with a large enough circumference and the pump will only slide into it slightly, nowhere near enough for a snug fit and therefore stable base.

    Please let me know how yours went if you can.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Bit late but i had the same issue. ended up returning it for a full refund. They ran me around for 5 weeks, if you have trouble hit me up and i'll send you the transcript i had with their online chat.

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