Best DAB Head Unit under $400


I’m looking to buy a double din head unit with a screen, on open to a stand alone android unit or one that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android auto, but it has to have DAB or the ability to add DAB for around $400ish, I mean I’d consider a little more.

I know there are a few cheapies on eBay but not sure what they are like so interested in if anyone has bought one of these eBay units and what it was like and also if anyone has seen any sales on big brand units.


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    After some research I decided it wasn't worth the couple hundred extra just to get DAB. I had a look at the DAB channel list & didn't see anything that really enticed me. I figured that if I'm pairing my phone via bluetooth/android auto anyway, downloading the iheartradio app is probably the way to go.
    Chances are I'll skim through the channels once and decide they're all rubbish.

    Might not be the solution for you but I thought it was worth mentioning.


      I still insist on DAB in my car, but if you have a generous data plan/dont spend many hours driving, streaming is a real alternative. Any DAB station broadcast can be streamed


      I want triple m heavy rock, hired a car with a dab radio and loved it for that station alone ;)


    Ok so I ended up going for a pumpkin AA0582B unit from eBay, infact I was so impressed I bought a second one for my other car. Now it has a few minor bugs and can be a little slow loading Google maps etc but overall for the price and the feature set it offers I'm personally very happy with it.