4K 32inch monitor for $500

What's your recommendation on 4K monitor for $500 price point for casual PS4 gaming, movies and office work (4k at 60Hz sufficient?)?

And what features in looking for ? And this obtainable?


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    UJ590 is your only option at that price point but good luck finding stock. It's also significantly cheaper than all others so there must be some reason for it.

    That budget is probably better spent looking for a 2K monitor or higher hz spec 1080p. Not sure you need 4K for casual.

    • so what would be a good 2k monitor at $500 price range that you would recommend ? :)

      • I bought two of these. Very happy with them (mainly office work, no gaming). Unfortunately, I don't think you will be able to get them for that price anymore. There used to be more on eBay a few weeks back for less than $500. They all seem gone. Sorry, not so helpful perhaps.

      • You can get a VX3276-2k for $300-350 which I have been using for a year and recommend. It's a super clear IPS display with plenty ports, 10-bit colour, solid base and premium metal feel throughout. No complaints, but certainly isn't a hardcore gaming monitor.


  • For that you could get a nice 2k widescreen. Believe me once you've gamed on a widescreen you never go back. I run a predator x34. I don't know what they are worth these days but you should be able to find a nice screen in that range.

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      You mean ultrawide, wide-screen is just 16x9 which has been standard for over a decade.

      • Lol yeah thanks

    • But a 32" standard 16x9 is almost as wide as a 34" ultrawide - but it's much taller.

      Doing quick back of the envelope calculations comparing a 32" 16x9 and a 34 21x9, the 32" s only ~3" narrower than the 34", and is ~2" taller, which means that it has significantly less surface area.

      • You also need to factor in that if you want to play games on it, most games will be configured to work perfect at 3440/1440 whereas some of the more obscure sizes may not be a perfect fit. You will still get it all on screen but it may have gaps at top or bottom or both or it may look stretched.

  • Can't really recommend a specific, but to see what's out there, you can try below:


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      prices look attractive until you change the country to Australia, cheapest is A$621.9

      • Still good luck finding any , most are out of stock. Just as Hybroid said.

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