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[PS4] Death Stranding $45 Delivered, MediEvil $19 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


A couple of great price cuts to start the week off right. Amazon bettering the JB price on Death Stranding by $4, with free delivery.

MediEvil can be found here

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  • Ah gee, look at the listing on the page, under the title

    'Amazon's choice for "death"'

  • Thanks.

    I've got too many games to play now though…

    • thanks for letting us all know

      • You're welcome. Happy to share more details of my gaming backlog whenever you'd like.

        • Hmmm. What's the #1 game in your backlog, that you keep telling yourself you gotta get around to playing sometime? And what was the last game you played regularly?

          • @garworsby: Get a room you guys

          • @garworsby: I still play Overwatch regularly and have always been meaning to get the platinum for it on PS4. But it won't probably happen due to how the game has changed so much with hero rotations, ability changes, etc now.

            I actually got the platinum for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition recently on PS4. I'm a trophy hunter on PSN so this one was both rare and kinda annoying. Right now, I'm playing through Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - Ultimate Edition. It's a great game with an easy trophy list but awful loading times (approx. 1 min on average).

  • Absolutely loved replaying through the Medievil remake/remaster a few months ago, and i paid twice this amount.
    But then, i absolutely loved replaying the ps1 original several times over the years also!

  • Medievil is a bargain at that price. Ordered.
    Shame there's no cashback at the moment.

  • Bought Death Stranding for $55 digitally on the weekend, worth it at that price, even more so for $45. Do recommend.

    • I saw it on PSN for $55… still doesn't feel cheap enough for me personally… $45 is closer, but I don't want the physical media… that said it means I can selll it… which would be highly likely haha

      play much of it yet?

      my copy of FF7 just arrived so I might just want for a deeper PSN discount

      • Played it about 10 hours, being a Kojima game, half were cutscenes.
        It's interesting enough to want to keep playing and learn more of the world/story. Reading up on the game, it'll need 60hrs+ to pass, closer to 100 to platinum.

        • yeah a friend of mine is at about 115 hours or so… but he's been trying to make his life easier with it rather than just pushing through to the end… i just hear the pay off for it all isn't worth it, but if its fun enough along the way then why not i guess