Anyone Live or Have Lived in Bardwell Park, NSW?

We're potentially looking to move to somewhere a little quieter than our current inner-west apartment, but without going too far away from nice restaurant/cafe/bar precincts, access to parks and rec areas, and with good train access to the city. Bardwell Park has come onto our radar as it appears quite nice and leafy, isn't over-crowded, and has good transport access (train, buses). It seems like a nice place to settle for a few years and possibly start a family.

The village area is quite small, but has a couple of cafes and a nice RSL with a gym.

Earlwood is right nearby, with good cafes and restaurants, but no train station (otherwise we'd move there)..

It seems there are some apartment developments appearing near the train station, but its mostly houses.

I've read the locals blocked re-zoning it to medium and high density res (ala Wolli Creek and Turrella) - which is a good thing given the Princes Hwy isn't getting any better…

Prices to either rent or buy seem quite affordable compared to Marrickville and that area.

Anyway, if anyone can share their experiences with the area (good and bad) it'd be much appreciated!


  • There are trouble makers of a particular ethnic background around there.

    • Oh.. Are we talking burglaries, car thefts etc? Or assaults etc?

      • It's all of the above. But it's more that they congregate and hang around so when you finish work at night and have to walk, you've got to be be aware of your surroundings.

        • Sadly thats a problem in lots of places.. I used to live in Ultimo and it happened there quite a bit usually near Broadway shops. I'd often hear of uni students getting bashed and robbed.

          • @axloz: Must be cause uni students are known to have lots of money

            • @WreckTangle: Yeah you'd think the genius perps would know better! They usually have laptops and iPhones though…

  • +2

    Presumably that is a reference to the mosque at Arncliffe?
    I grew up in Bexley North, had lots of friends in BP and my sister lives there.
    It is quiet, but is very well located for the city or inner west.
    I think it would be a good suburb to live in.

    • +1

      Thanks for your input mskeggs. Would you say its a decent place to raise a family?
      From my visits it seems like a family oriented area, but I've only visited briefly.

      I can notice a difference in 'vibe' (for lack of a better term) between Bardwell Park, and Arncliff and Rockdale.. BP seems a little more chilled out and felt a little more well kept. As in property owners seemed to take a little more pride and care in their home in BP.
      Rockdale has a nice town centre area during the day, but I've not been there at night.

      • may be an idea to wait a few months and try Rockdale by night once Corona has quietened down.

        • Is it bad? I've never said or heard the phrase "we should go check out that bar/restaurant/… in Rockdale" before..

          Does it have a nick-name - like Toongabbie is called 'Toonstabbie'?

          • @axloz: That was just a suggestion. I am ruing where I live because I did not check out the area at night.

          • +1

            @axloz: Rockdale is a bit of a dive. We used to go to Westfield at Hurstville if we needed a mall.
            I think Bardwell Park is pretty much families and older people.
            The gully along the golf course was a good place to play and ride bikes when I was a kid.
            If I still lived in Sydney it is a place I would consider living with kids.

  • I had friends in Bardwell Valley that I visited lots and it was nice enough. We went to EBP RSL quite a bit.

    It was one of the areas I considered buying in during 2017 when I thought a house was a good idea.

    Something is in the back of my mind about the M5 and pollution but I can't remember what it was.

    • Yeah the RSL is really nice. Its had a recent refurb, nicely done.

      The M5 will have exhaust stacks somewhere (just like the new westconnex tunnels do) so if you lived near those the pollution may be a little worse. Can't be worse than living on/adjacent to the Princes Hwy, Parramatta Rd, or Victoria Rd…

      We've looked at Ryde and Meadowbank as well, but they;re just dead areas.. No life. Which is ok, but we figure if we're gonna live somewhere quiet like that, lets go somewhere we can afford a house, is a lower density, has some nice parks, and is close to fun areas - short drive or uber ride. Earlwood was good but it has no train line.. Earlwood is apparently getting a michelin star restaurant soon..

      If the higher density resi development kept pushing from Wolli Ck and Turrella, through Bardwell Park and into Bexley I think we'd avoid the area. Meadowbank and Melrose Park (Ermington) are really overdeveloped and when you factor in Top Ryde and Gladesville, its all jeopardising that entire Victoria Rd corridor..

  • I stay at Bardwell Park and it is definitely one of the more quieter suburbs around - was in Chatswood and Wolli Creek previously and while i miss the convenience of having restaurants / shops around (as these are very limited in Bardwell Park) I reckon BP is a nicer suburb if you want somewhere quiet and not as hectic as the other suburbs.

    • Chatswood is great for restaurants and cafes. Has a big Chinese influence. I'm not chinese, but I love that their influence brings a more active retail culture and lots of activity to public areas. Then Crows Nest is right around the corner for some variety.

      Wolli Creek is just an apartment metropolis from what I've experienced. Not a bad thing if you like that, but we're looking to shift down a gear.

  • Marrickville is the best, don't need to move.

    • Marrickville is great, I agree. But its expensive and cops some of the worst airplane noise, and if we lived in Earlwood or B.Park its only a 10 min uber ride..
      Yes, we would prefer it, but its about finding that balance..

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