Can you skim coat bare plaster with gyprock

Hi all, renovating a wall that has been stripped of paint back down to plaster. During the stripping, some areas have been damage and I am planning to skim coat the wall to fix them. My question however is, can I skim coat bare white set plaster? I ask this because I have been told it's best to seal the gyprock but I don't want to have to Seal the white set plaster, do the skim coat and then have to seal the skim coat too., seems like a lot of sealer wastage. So it was recommended that the skim coat be done first, over the plaster and then seal the whole lot together. Does this sound like the right way to go about it?



    "I have been told it's best to seal the gyprock "

    "it was recommended that the skim coat be done first"

    TLDR so you have conflicting advice?


      Yeah to summarise
      One person said to Seal the plaster, skim coat with gyprock then 2 coats of paint.

      Next person said gyprock really should be sealed for best results and to avoid sealing plaster, skim coating and sealing the skim coat, he said to skim coat gyprock onto plaster and then seal it once.

      So yes conflicting advice both from reputable source.


    Usually the guys at the paint shop can help. I just did exactly what you are asking. I plastered over the holes and then used a paint with primer/sealer together. Wasn't too hard at all.


      So you plastered straight onto your white set plaster and then sealed? Was it a large surface area or just a patch up spot? Mine is an entire room haha

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    When you say “Gyprock” do you mean:
    Plasterboard sheet, Gyprock brand
    Or Top coat plaster, Gyprock brand?

    If it’s white set plaster you need to seal it first. Then top coat it.


      It's gyprock ultra top joint compound. I was told to skim coat what I need on the plaster and then seal over all of it. Otherwise I'll end up sealing the plaster, skim coating with the gyprock joint compound and having to seal that again. So by applying joint compound straight to the plaster, I can avoid sealing twice


        You need to seal twice.


    Ring Gyprock. I'm not a plasterer but I would do 2 Coats of Base Coat 45, and then you Ultra Top coat (black tub). Then sand. Then apply an OIL based primer. Dulux Precision "Seal Binder".

    Have you considered NOT skim coating and just installing 10 mm plastboard around the large room? It will probably cheaper, a much nicer finish, and a lot let hassle/mess. Plus no sanding!! No dust. I didn't do this on my place but I should have. You will always get streaks at certain light. With the plasterboard it will be near perfect. The negs are you loose a bit of room. 2cms!

    Give it a thought.

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    Gyprock is a brand of plasterboard and products for setting plasterboard. Plasterboard is plaster with a paper coating. This does need some form of sealer prior to painting.

    Typically people use ‘gyprock’ to mean plasterboard. Then use base coat and top coat. The top coat will need a seal.

    Sounds like you want to top coat the plaster.