Coles Team Member Card - Ad-hoc Special Discounts

With some 30,000+ employees across Australia, most of us will know someone who works for Coles/Target/Officeworks/Liquorland/Coles Express etc.

All Coles employees are given a "Team Member Discount Card" that provides them with a general 5% discount (across all but the Coles Express service stations).

Occasionally (without much prior notice) this discount is doubled for a few days to 10%, or special discounts applied to certain liquor items, which can create some decent bargains, especially on PS3's/Xbox's and other higher priced items which rarely differ much in price between competitors.

As the notice about such extra discount programs is usually only posted internally, most people miss the opportunity because by the time they see the notice, it's over.

So I thought I'd create a thread where I can post updates when I see the discount is running.

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  • Double Team Member Discount (10%) applies at Target from Thurs 15th Sept 2011 to COB Sunday 18th Sept 2011.

    Current catalgue:

    Bargains of note with this 10% discount applied are:

    Sony PS3 320Gb with GT5 and Killzone 3 - $359.10 (normally $399)
    Sony Projector handycam Model Dcrpj 5 - $359.10 (normally $399)

  • Wow, nice thread. I've always missed out on the 10% discounts and there doesn't seem to be any warning for them as far as I know.

  • now only if i can friend someone who can get these discount for me!

  • Myer staff discount always at 10% or more depend on what you buying

  • I just got a staff email through advising that Coles will be doubling the staff discount to 10% from 12th December to 24 December at Coles, Bi-Lo, Pick'n'Pay, Liquorland and Vintage Cellars. Good for stocking up on snacks and booze before Xmas.

  • Looks like they're rolling out the discounts this week:

    Target - Staff discount doubled to 10% off hard homewares, nursery, toys, and general merchandise from Thurs 8th December to 24th December

    Coles Supermarket - 20% off the whole range of Mix clothing when discount card presented at checkout up until 18th December. See to view the range

  • ooh thanks for this, I always forget to check the site

  • Thanks xlr8. Does anyone know how long before new employees are given their Team Member Discount Card?

  • its either 3 or 6 months

  • Just ask and you can get it early.

    • Thanks. It would come in handy B4 Xmas.

      • It's usually every 6 months. You won't get it before Christmas and they can't just print one out for you as they're delivered in batches/cycles. You're best off asking someone you work with if you can just borrow their card.

  • any one know if the targer 10% can be use on electronics like PS3 n xbox?

    • Normally they do a 10% discount across the board which would includes games and electronics, but this time it's just the following:
      Hard homewares: Home decorator, lighting, kitchenware, home storage, tableware

      General Merch: toiletries, cosmetics, fragrance, bath and body, season confectionery, Christmas, stationery, cards and wrap.

      Nursery and Toys.

      You could try and argue that a PS3 or Xbox is a toy, but I don't know how you'd fare. :)

      • lmao. have u seen that staff at target? im not sure how succesful i will be. i would be nice if i could get 10% of some consoles thou :D

        is kmart doing a similar deal?

        • Nothing has come through so far for Kmart, but I'd be surprised if they don't come up with something next week. I'll keep an eye out and post up if it does come through on email.

      • Ha you could argue about it. But if i were a Coles member i wouldn't be arguing about your own companies genorosity {sp?).

  • Do Coles team members get a higher discount I store than say Officeworks?
    Officeworks Discount for employees is 20% or Cost year round at Officeworks, any store.

  • Got 10% off at Kmart on Sat

  • Price-matched Harvey Norman's $164 for an 8GB iPod Touch.
    Applied my Coles discount of 10% and ended up paying ~$148 — very happy!

  • is kmart 10% off storewide for staff?

  • Yep we got 10% off at target and coles today. Epic.

    • do you aware if the team member card still working in kmart and target?

      looks like no longer accept start this year…