[Windows, Mac] Free 6 Months Trend Micro Maximum Security for Windows PC and Antivirus for Mac @ Trend Micro


Enjoy 6 months free antivirus software from Trend Micro for both Windows PC and Mac. Download from Trend Micro Page and install.

The activation key is built into the access trial, so no activation key is required to activate the product. If you should decide to continue using Maximum Security or Antivirus for Mac after your 6-month access trial, the option to purchase the product will be offered through our online store. The built-in trial key will automatically be converted to a fully paid annual subscription.

After the 6-month trial, you will have the option to purchase a 1-year subscription of Maximum Security or Antivirus for Mac. After the trial expiration date, both products will no longer receive threat updates leaving you vulnerable to all new threats to your computer and valuable data. If you decide to purchase a 1-year subscription, the additional year will be added to the end of the 6-month trial. The end of the 18-month period will be the new renewal date for your annual subscription.

The trial version of Maximum Security and Antivirus for Mac only protects one Windows® device and one MacOS device respectively. The paid version of Maximum Security does protect iOS and Android devices.

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    Hmmm this or BitDefender? Anyone has any feedback?

    • +4 votes

      My work machine is crippled by Trend Micro.
      7th Gen Core i5-7200 ULV CPU ran at 100% for a solid hour this morning, due to Trend-Micro pulling 50% of the cycles. Essentially I do no work in that period.. I was literally sitting there watching letters appear one…. by…. one…… it was that slow, and I'm a 2 finger typist, it's not like I'm super speedy on the keyboard!
      It then spiked up again to 100% for a further 45 minutes between 9:30-10:15.

      It's aggressiveness changes day by day, sometimes it is fine, others it's an embarrassment!

  • +12 votes

    It has been more than 5 years, i never used antivirus. I just use built in windows defender and update the windows regularly. Never had issue. I am IT graduate and work as freelance developer. So, i have tons of software installed in my computer.

    • +1 vote

      Yes! Windows defender, in my opinion, is the most effective from my experience. Then again free antivirus such as Avast does the job perfectly for added internet security.


        I believe brain is the most effective defender. ;)
        I still use MalwareBytes to scan my PC from time to time.

    • +1 vote

      If you stick to legit websites and resist the urge to install apps that claim to optimize your PC, careful with 3rd party USB sticks etc. it is super unlikely you will get a virus.

      If you like to tinker suggest you DO grab good anti virus. I DO NOT recommend Avast simply due to the unscrupulous data collection in the past


      These guys do great independent testing of AV:


      Any product classified as "TOP" should be fine.

      Yes, this includes the bundled free Microsoft Defender…….

  • +6 votes

    In these years, antivirus software=malware


    Is this better than the McAfee free trial from a post few days ago?

    • +7 votes

      covid-19 is better then McAfee. at least there'll be a cure for the former in the next 12-18mths. McAfee has been 25+yrs and it's just getting worse with each iteration.

      Just use windows defender, free & integrated with windows


    Hmm what if my subscription is expiring, then I just uninstall and reinstall trend micro then set it up as a trial so I get 6 months free… ozbargain style