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DJI Ryze Tello Drone $119 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest it's been but best price at the moment. Looks like 12 available but can also be found for $119 at Officeworks.

On sale for $128 at Harvey Norman and $129 at JB hifi and $129 at the DJI store

Spare batteries available for $18 at Amazon and Officeworks and $16 ex-demo at the DJI store

With no sausage sizzles at the moment you may struggle to find a use for the drone, though chasing Indian Mynah's out of the yard at least saves the dog some biscuits.

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    Is this the Tello?

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    Cheapest price around at the moment but it was available for $98 delivered fromVideo Pro at the start of last month. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/521783

    I'd say a new model will be coming soon so I'd expect these to get cheaper. That said with the Aussie dollar tanking I doubt we'll anything under $200 for a while

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      @stirlo So newer model coming so it's getting cheaper and crap Aussie dollar so it's getting more expensive, OK got it!!


        My $200 prediction was referring to the new model. Could have been clearer though…

        The current model stock these stores are selling would have been purchased when the dollar was much higher. Generally retailers don’t proactively increase price when exchange rate fluctuates only when they order their next batch from the supplier which is why these are selling rather cheap.

        The new model will be purchased at the current low exchange rate so even if it’s not more expensive in USD than this one by the time it’s imported here the cost will likely be much higher.


    Get the new model or spark. Tello is terrible against the wind, I had a moment my tello is "stalking" my neighbour's bedroom and I couldn't fly it back due to the strong wind. It has been dusting in my storage since.