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Hand & Surface Sanitiser 5L - $189 Delivered @ Zero Co


Zero Co Hand & Surface Sanitiser is a liquid sanitising solution made according to World Health Organisation (WHO) specifications. This is not a gel. It's a multi-purpose sanitising liquid to be used to sanitise hands and household surfaces. This product is fragrance free.

For every order received, Zero Co will donate one litre of hand sanitiser to a public school, childcare centre, nursing home or public hospital.

From https://www.getsomesos.com/ :
"The average 500ml hand sanitiser bottle (inc pump) is made of 61.2g of plastic.
10 bottles = 612g of Single Use Plastic!
‚ÄčOur 5L bottle is made of 224g.
By going BIG you'll be sending 400g LESS SUP to landfill during this pandemic.
If 10,000 households buy an SOS, that's 4,000kgs of plastic not being produced, consumed and thrown away!"

INSTRUCTIONS: Decant liquid into a pump bottle (for hand use) or into a spray bottle (for use as a surface sanitiser) to keep you and your family safe during this pandemic.

INGREDIENTS: 75% alcohol (denatured), glycerol, hydrogen peroxide (0.12%)

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    So all we have to do is pay Zero Co $37.80 a litre for sanitiser and we can save the planet? Where do we sign up?

    Unless of course, we don't buy anything off them and save an extra 224gm of plastic from choking porpoises…




    the only thing big about this thing, is the price.


    Getting to be a joke all these. Single item for sale, Probably fake! Website created yesterday, probably today if GMT.


    LMAO what is this moronic shit.

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    Sanitiser posts like this should be in self isolation.

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    This may be the worst value for hand sanitiser we've seen in weeks.

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    I'd be pissed if I'd given money to this business via Kickstarter only to be told that the project is delayed but here, buy our massively overpriced hand sanitiser instead.

    I wonder if the bottle they're using even complies with the standards they claim in the kickstarter…


      I had no idea that their commercial shame knew such bounds. Bragging a bout a way to save the environment and your wallet by buying shipped plastic free containers of laundry liquid for $36 (instead of $18 by getting it from the supermarket) - and worst of all, it's all vapourware so they could launch first with this sham.If they were so concerned with waste, why wouldn't they add to aloe vera or a gelling agent to this wasteful liquid?



    Super Oversized Sanitiser?

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