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Canesten Laundry Rinse 1L $7.49 ($6.74 Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Back in stock again and price dropped from $8. Don't know how long it's going to last this time.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Bought it for 8 bucks an hour ago

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      Buy again to average out the cost

    • I never understand why we get excited, as in 60+ upvotes excited about something this inconsequential.

      If you believe need it, buy it for $8 or $7.50 or whatever, really doesn't matter.

      However, you don't actually need it, so it's even better to save $8 (or $7.50) - or maybe the upvotes are for the $8.00 saving on something useless we didn't buy today??

      Further, benzalkonium chloride (the active ingredient in this product) is less effective than alcohol, so this isn't a great solution anyway (see my comment further down).

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    It lasted a while for $8, may be it less 1 hours less this time.
    I have seen plenty at woolies and Coles for the same price

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    didnt know why i joined the rush in the last deal for 8 bucks, definitely not joining this one lol

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    I like caneston, but I always wonder if a tony bit of bleach is the same. I put in a white king bleach tablet as advised on the pack but I think it was still too bleachy.

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      There's no bleach in Canesten - just good ol' benzalkonium chloride (like a stable form of ammonia). Good stuff.

      • Ahhh, yeah it definately smells refreshing rather than bleachy.

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      Yeah unlike this stuff, bleach is like $1 a litre. And also removes stains.

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      Why get Tony involved in your washing?

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        It is either too many university degrees or a wireless keyboard with a weak battery.

  • Bought one about 1hr ago then went for dinner. Didn't expecting still available :)

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      How did it taste?

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    Bought one though I doubt it’d do any different when I hang clothes under the full sun.

  • Done

    • Just going through OzB like a checklist ;-)

  • Is there a diff between these and the laundry sanitisers they have at Aldi/coles?

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      Personally, I don't believe so. They'd highlight it, I would think.

      I generally follow the 'active ingredient' & percentage, as my guide to buying chemicals.

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    Isn't this a gimmick? Laundry sanitizer 🙄

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      They know people just look for the word antibacterial..

    • I don't think so. I think it's more for the fact that people do colder-washing, sub 80 degrees, so you never get all the bacteria, e-coli, etc… I used to wash everything at 95 degrees, every load, but it's harsh on clothes, so I started using this with my 40 degree washes.

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        Jeez. Not excessive?

        I washed with cold for 20 years, no issues I was aware of.
        After a life of randomly triggered (intensity) allergies, I went to see an immunologist… Short story: 60deg every wash, allergies GOOONNNEEE.

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          60 degrees not always great for all clothes/materials.

    • ive been using laundry sanitisers for months as I stopped using hot wash, gas bill halved!

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        Even corona viruse killed by hand washing with soap in cold water for min. Don't you think this is excessive? I have been using cold wash regularly minus these products and don't have allergies. Maybe for people pron to allergies?

        • its not all about the virus, I have been using disinfectant to clean for years, but laundry sanitiser since we had a baby.

          my husband does have pretty bad psoriasis/eczema flareups. Also he gets pretty stinky from work and gardening so his clothes smell foul, but i dont have enough clothes to run my own load so I use the sanitizer. + all the baby stuff is also in the same load. I buy the Coles/Aldi ones for $4. I also used to just make my own by using a few drops of eucalyptus oil and dilute with water, guess its more for peace of mind.

  • Price back to $8

  • Lol. Price now $8.15

  • Still available for $8

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    Benzalkonium Chloride will only kill bacteria but not viruses. Just an FYI

    • -1

      do you have a source for this claim?


      COVID-19 is an enveloped virus, which means it has an outer membrane. Enveloped viruses are relatively easy to kill compared to non-enveloped viruses, as the outer layer is easily damaged by most environmental disinfectants, provided the disinfectant is used in accordance with label directions. Disinfectants containing ≥ 70% alcohol, quaternary ammonium compounds (such as benzalkonium chloride) or diluted household bleach (including products containing sodium hypochlorite) are suitable for use.

      • I am a Greta admirer and use a fly slapper to break them spiky balls known as Covid-19.

      • If you want to read actual research on this, then here it is:

        The analysis of 22 studies reveals that human coronaviruses such as […] can persist on inanimate surfaces like metal, glass or plastic for up to 9 days, but *can be efficiently inactivated by surface disinfection procedures with 62–71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite within 1 minute. Other biocidal agents such as 0.05–0.2% benzalkonium chloride or 0.02% chlorhexidine digluconate are less effective


        • So what does that mean for products such as this which contain 0.7%?
          The study only used a very weak dilution of 0.2%

  • Available again at $7.49 (matching Chemist Warehouse)

  • Cheaper than Coles for $0.5 that I saw yesterday.

  • Is this cheap? Compared to coles when it’s on discount?

    • The coles version of the same is about $4

  • +1

    If you didn't buy this before then you don't need it now due to COVID.

    • Thanks I just bought one :)

  • I buy the aldi version. $3.79 I think.

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