Picking up Girlfriend during Pandemic

Just wondering whether i am able to pick up my girlfriend from her house back to mine, a 15 minute drive one way.
Would i still encounter the 1k fine if i get pulled over from the police?

edit: NSW, Sydney



    You do realise the restrictions are at a state level, ie where do you live


    You're allowed to see your girlfriend. Is there a reason why you can't stay at her place or she can't travel to yours?


      she does not drive. considering the current situation.. it would be more safer to pick her up in terms of contracting the virus , rather than her taking public transport which could potentially be more dangerous.

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    Do some grocery shopping right before picking her up. If get pulled over on the way there, say you are staying at her place and you just came out for groceries.

    If pulled over on the way back with her, tell them the same story except you both are staying together at your place and just went for groceries.

    Or i could be wrong.

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      i've read this, the page itself is quite confusing and contradicting.
      Additionally, new rules / stricter rules may be in place due to long weekends (easter)

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        Can I visit my romantic partner if we don’t live together?
        New South Wales – Although legislation would suggest the answer is no, police commissioner Mike Fuller said on Wednesday that yes, you are allowed. This is considered to come under the “care” exemption.

        It's probably the most clarification we've got.

        As confusion builds about what is still legal under new coronavirus laws, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has finally confirmed people can visit their partners, because it classifies as 'care'.

        Asked on Wednesday morning if people can still visit their "boyfriend or girlfriend", Fuller replied: "Absolutely! That's under care."


        I guess that would be your argument if you got pulled over.

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    Book her an Uber, it could be up to $2000 cheaper.

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    Just get married..
    Oh no that is end up more expensive than $1k fine Long Run…

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    If your girlfriend has a headache. I think it would be a valid excuse.

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    It depends if you mean ‘picking up’ or picking up and ‘girlfriend’ or girlfriend.

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    You are over-thinking things.

    If you do get stopped for some reason, then just say that you're going shopping, or for exercise! No need to say anything else!!

    The people who get fined are either:
    - The ones who say something stupid to the Police, like the guy who said that he was going to meet his drug dealer.
    - The ones who are loitering in a public place, and get warned about it, and then get caught loitering again.

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    Tell her to drive.

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    Tell the cops you are a love doctor and you're picking up a patient


    Going to hers - say you're going to visit your partner (afaik that's still legal)
    Going back to yours - Just went shopping but forgot the list, going back home to get it

    But don't do it at 4am


    You are fine with it. It comes under "care".

    I pop over to see my GF twice a week.

    My kids come to my place twice a week.

    If I didn't have that bit of social interaction I'd be going insane.


    Ummm…. how, err … how old(?) is the umm… girlfriend?

    We can only assume she is errr… of age. O^O


    Meanwhile, here in WA, a rant:

    I ring police on Sat, after hours of a party going on, starting in early evening and I only called after 11pm. Police reply, "it's Saturday night"!

    Two other neighbours call and get the same thing. That's calling the regional, non-000, number. So I try the local station (2 mins from us/this party) & it rings out. No sirens from this area for the entire day/night, when it's usually ongoing. Either they have nothing to do or have been sent to other towns? Local MP's are contacted. Nothing.

    Now today the local radio station reports traffic in the way of boats headed towards our area, the wealthy d#ckheads from Perth are traveling to our area south to "holiday"/INFECT all of us, including our huge retirement population. Again, contact to local MP's yields ZERO. Oh, but they sure did put a dbl-demerit for speeding. Gotta grab that $$$. right? So what if people die. Let the d*ckheads from Perth holiday and infect everyone & we'll pretend we're sad later, for the press.

    That way, these same, gutless politicos can wring their useless hands and pretend to "feel" something when someone else's grandmother or father dies due to their pathetic and hypocritical inaction. What do YOU think would have happened had this been THEIR neighbours party???

    /end rant

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