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As an added resource for gamers, the D&D team is pleased to offer the following material as free adventures and resources for use in your games—whether you’re playing in a kitchen table campaign, you're an active participant in the D&D Adventures League, or are simply interested in learning more about Dungeons & Dragons and trying it out for yourself.

With schools closed around the world, many parents and caregivers are at home with their kids, including many in the D&D community. If you are in need of fun & educational material to share and/or play with your kids, you can check back here each day for D&D stuff to help during this time. If you (or someone you know) is a younger gamer, we’re also releasing resources to make it even easier to get into D&D.

Content will be added daily, Monday-Friday. Check back each day for the latest free, downloadable content. Please note that certain adventures are being made free on the DMs Guild for a limited time, so be sure to grab them now while you can!

  • DDEX1-01: Defiance in Phlan: An introductory adventure for 1st-level characters—available now for free for a limited time.
  • DDEX1-02: Secrets of Sokol Keep: An adventure for levels 1-4—available now for free for a limited time.
  • DDEX1-03: Shadows Over the Moonsea: An adventure for levels 1-4—available now for free for a limited time.
  • Encounters in Avernus: Encounters in Avernus presents more than 60 short encounters for the wasteland of Avernus, the River Styx, and the city of Elturel. Keep characters busy with these story-rich encounters that help flesh out the first layer of Hell. The supplement is great for Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus or any infernal adventure!

Free for this week:

MONDAY: MAY 4, 2020
DDEX5-01: Treasure of the Broken Hoard: Five 1-hour mini-adventures for levels 1-2—available now for free for a limited time (through May 11).

To be advised. Check back later for updates.

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