Is there a way to find out if a Business is registered for the Job Keeper Programme?

Long story short:

  • 2 weeks ago, my employer requested us to use up our annual leave to work 3 days a week for the next 8 weeks. Understanding that things are slow and ensure we are still keeping our jobs, we were okay with it. Anyone without annual leave was given 10 days in credit.

  • Yesterday, we got told that we would be losing our vehicle allowances which are a part of the job package we signed when we took this job up. This makes up a considerable chunk of what we take home and it makes a big financial dent. (I understand some people have it much harder than myself in the last few weeks). Apparently this is within the legal framework.

  • When asked about the Job Keeper Programme, we got told that the company wasnt eligible (which we find extremely hard to believe as we specialize in the Auto industry and it has been slow even before this and has been hit hard).

If we are not eligible, the assumption would be that the company is making enough money to not fall in the 30% revenue loss category. So we don't see why we are asked to take the pay cut. Even more annoying is that they haven't specified whether it would be re-instated into our salary package.

Question to anyone that may know more than me (I cant find much via google): Is there a way to find out if a business is registered for the Job Keeper programme? How would employees know if they are nominated by the employer for the grant?



      Thanks mate. I already went through the link. It is more for businesses to register their interest for updates.

      It doesnt tell me anything as an employee to see if my business is already registered. :/

      My concern is that my company may have registered and maybe withiholding it from the employees! again, its just a speculation and why I am wanting to find out how I can see if they are registered or not.


          Thanks for the link. Gives a bit more clarity on it.

          I should have clarified something in my previous comment, I am concerned that my company is withholding information from us as employees that they are registered for the programme and making us burn our annual leave(which is fine) and getting the govt to just top up the $3000 but removing the vehicle allowance (which we believe is not fair)

          I know the details are still unclear on this at this stage for everyone. Just hope the govt ensures employees are not screwed over by their companies with this grant.

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        They need to provide evidence to the ATO that they are paying their employees a minimum of $1,500 per fortnight before they get paid by the government.

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    Unfortunately, there's always going to be people rorting the system when huge stimulus payments come out. We have seen this during the 09 Rudd Package and will definitely see it again.

    With regards to your vehicle allowance, if this was part of your agreed salary for ordinary work, it should be paid with your annual leave. Although the FW Act excludes monetary allowances in its definition of "base rate of pay", if your vehicle allowance is in contract and consistent, it is considered ordinary income. This is in contrast to reimbursements for car use based on running costs (per km/fuel), which can be separately identified from base rate of pay, and therefore not included.

    Onto the JobKeeper issue, there is no easy way to check whether your business has participated in the program. Interpreting what you have written, there seems to be a certain distrust of the employer, leading to speculations of them taking advantage of the situation. I'll try break it down from my understanding:

    Situation: Business collects Jobkeeper payments but does not pass on to employees. It is to be noted that businesses are paid in arrears and are based off the STP report to the ATO. If you believe they are pocketing the money, check your Tax and Super information through myGov to see if it is consistent to what you receive.

    Situation: Business forces annual leave while collecting Jobkeeper payments. There was a recent article on this:
    This situation very much benefits the employer as it allows them to pay down payroll liabilities while receiving subsidies from government. Therefore, there would be no downside for them to inform the employees, unless they were not eligible.

    It is hard to assess a situation without all the details, but if you believe there is something rotten going on, collect proof and send to FW Ombudsman. If your gross annual leave payments magically becomes around $1500 p/fortnight, that should ring alarm bells. But regardless, from your own personal perspective, you would not have benefitted even if you were in the Jobkeeper program (assuming you earned >$750 p/w). This becomes a different story, once your annual leave finishes (down to two week reserve).


    Maybe see your union and get some answers.

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